Wednesday, February 23, 2005

First GET!

Tekken 5 for the PlayStation 2 hits stores this Friday, the 25th (maybe as early as tomorrow if EB's emails are to be believed). Fighting games are a one of the core genres for costume fans, but the Tekken series is usually not among the ones to watch as far as extra outfits are concerned. The good news is part five has instituted a costume edit and accessory get feature similar to the one in Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution. You unlock special items or colors by completing tasks like beat this many opponents or finish extra mini games, etc.

I'll have my full verdict of the costumes of Tekken 5 sometime next week.

What I would really like is if you could unlock all of Nina Williams' outfits from her Death by Degrees game. Would sure save me the pain of buying and playing through that potentially torturous adventure. Posted by Hello

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