Friday, March 04, 2005

Best and worst costumes of Tekken 5

Without a doubt, Tekken 5 is my favorite in the series by far. A brief history: 1 was ok, 2 was great, 3 was above average, Tag was a stopgap, and 4 was a big disappointment. I could go on for days about Tekken 5's finely tuned engine, sweet music, and awesome story scenes, but we’re here to talk costumes and that’s just what we’re going to do.

We’ll divide the characters into Best, Worst, and Near Miss categories. If a character is not listed, it means the outfit is neither great nor terrible, which I guess can be considered bad in a way.

Best dressed
No surprise here as the space forest ninja is always the most outlandish character in any cast. His P1 costume is crazy and intimidating at the same time and his purchasable Alternate outfit is equally bizarre and cool. His P2 get up is a bit too close to one of his earlier looks, but we’ll let that slide this time Yoshi.

For the first time in series history, Jack actually looks like the scary ass robot you don’t want to mess that he's supposed to be. He usually ended up looking like a human with disproportionate head and arms.

P1 outfit is pretty standard, but P2 is pimp dope. The black robe goes perfectly with many of the bonus accessories, the chief being Armor King’s mask. I like how it’s been shown that King is clearly wearing a mask, yet talks like a tiger and has a real tail.

This is the way to debut a character. I love when they aren’t afraid to offer totally different styles between P1 and P2 outfits. The latter looks like a totally different person.

Christie Moteiro
You could argue her two outfits are just strategically placed bits of cloth, but it fits with her character. Christie's before and after fight comments tell you she uses her sexuality to cloud the opponent’s focus so of course she has to wear next to nothing.

Jin Kazama
His outfits haven’t changed much except for a different look for his Alternate costume, but his P2 jogging suit with hood gear is still the shit. Two words. Bad. Ass. Plus no one pulls off the glowing gloves of death look like Jin.

Near Miss
Asuka Kazama
This is painful because she is my favorite character in the new game. So generic. P1 is just ugly, but it can be saved if you change up the colors in the customize mode. P2 is over used in other fighters and I hate its inclusion here. Alternate outfit 1 is your average schoolgirl look and that’s very average too. BUT Alternate outfit 2 is AWESOME. Yakuza style look complete with tats on her inside thighs. She looks like she should be presiding over an illegal dice game. Oh mama!

Nina Williams
Her P1 outfit is very cool, but P2 really drags things down. Perhaps having an Alternate costume could have elevated Nina’s status but she didn’t get one. Hello? She had like 5 or something in Death by Degrees; they should have brought one of those numbers over.

Anna Williams
Like Her sister, P1 is great, very elegant and sexy. P2 is just a pain to look at though. Is she like someone’s grandmother or something? It can sort of be saved with color swaps. Her Alternate outfit is also bizarre. I’m still torn whether I like it or not.

Julia Chang
Okay, both her outfits are a bit tired, but they FINALLY modeled her face correctly. She is now the cute native Indian girl you knew she could be. Poor Ganryu.

Ling Xiaoyu
Every outfit Xiaoyu has is new and they're all really fun, but something is missing. The assortment lacks that one stand out number that puts her over the fashion hump.

Worst dressed
Brian Fury
I guess being a super villain means you don't care if you look ultra generic. He’s a murderously insane cyborg for crissakes! Give him something that says “seriously fucked up in the head guy”.

Heihachi Mishima
C’mon Heihachi, you totally went back to your aging closet instead of busting out with something fresh. You came back from the dead dammit, rise from your fashion grave too.

Paul Phoenix
Another guy that went retro in a bad way. That thrown off top with the white shirt from Tekken 4 was a great step forward for you. What happened?


fluffnight said...

I believe you're the only person I've whose stated that Tekken 4 wasn't that great, and that Tekken 5 was your fave. Most people I talk to say that Tekken 4 was the best and that Tekken 5 was the worse.

(I'm just a newbie at games-that-are-not-Tetris, so I don't have a personal fave.)

I am wondering, however, if you wouldn't happen to have a nice shot of king in his robe. I want to see the original colors.

Chris said...

You have gotta be out of your mind not to like Asuka's Aikido outfit.

Anonymous said...

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LaPhillip Nash said...

Yeah your right about the costumes. But, most of the ones u liked stale now, so stale they don't even bother to give them something new. Jin, Hwoarang and Yoshimitsu are the ONLY returning characters with noticeable new threads in Tekken 6, and Tekken Tag 2. RT