Monday, March 21, 2005

Sega Gals report 1 of 4

Released this past February was the second collection of figures (produced by Yujin) based on popular gals from various Sega games. Initially, it wasn’t in the CostumeGet! manifesto to feature figures, but the value of these for outfit fans is undeniable. So for figures, costume grading is based on the design of the outfit and how well the plastic/resin model realizes it in 3D.

There are six main figures in the collection with two “chase figures”. Our first two featured characters are Elwing from Shining Tears and Tyris Flare of Golden Axe. The quality of the figures is really good and Elwing in particular has a lot of small details worth examining. I’m not familiar with the game yet so it looks like a straightforward forest elf outfit to me.

Tyris' costume could be considered bland since it’s just a bikini with matching boots and gauntlets. However, nostalgia is a big factor and unlike Shining Tears, I was a huge Golden Axe fan. To be fair, Shining Tears comes out tomorrow (3/22/2005) domestically so I may yet become enthralled. The only disaapointing thing I can say about the Tyris figure is that made her butt looks sort of flat.

Elwing – 7 out of 10
Tyris – 8.5 out of 10 Posted by Hello

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