Monday, March 21, 2005

Sega Gals report 2 of 4

The next pair are Arsha & Peperogu from Monster World IV and Hibana from Nightshade. According to importer NCS, Hibana doesn’t automatically come with two heads (one with mask and one without mask and flowing hair), but the toy dealer I bought it from included both so who knows. I only posted the above shot of the masked head, but I have others I'll post later that highlight the latter.

Hibana’s outfit is one of the coolest original costumes of recent years. Sleek, stylized, and very sexy. I’m actually surprised that such a heavy fetish-looking outfit made it into a mainstream game. The figure captures almost all the important details, but it would require a more expensive paint job to accurately convey all the little touches. For a figure this size though, it’s a great achievement. Plus that pose is totally sweet.

Arsha & Peperogu look pretty cool too and are constructed very well. They did a good job of making Arsha’s costume bright and cute. The solid nature of the figure make the billowy pants appear less fluid and make like Arsha has some seriously thick legs.

Hibana – 9 out of 10
Arsha & Peperogu – 8 out of 10 Posted by Hello

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