Friday, March 25, 2005

Sega Gals report 3 of 4

You can say this next pair are two sides of the same coin, it’s Honey from the Fighting Vipers series! The one on the left is the standard Honey that is part of the core set of six figures, and the less clothed one on the right is one of two chase/secret figures.

Standard Honey looks great and is based off her costume from the first Fighting Vipers game (her FV2 costume would probably be too complex for a figure at this scale). There’s nothing bad I can say about the costume as I’m a huge FV fan. This future punk take on the maid outfit is original and hasn’t really been copied much over the years. The problem with this figure lies with the pose; while it’s a great pose by itself, it just doesn’t look good combined with so many large armor pieces.

The secret Honey mimics what happens when her armor gets knocked off in the game. Without the armor, you can appreciate the sculpting care they took with her features. The pose works much better here as well.

Standard Honey – 8 out of 10
Secret Honey – 9 out of 10
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