Friday, April 29, 2005

Korin mod for Half-Life 2

Still have Half-Life 2 installed on your PC? You might want to check out an interesting character model mod that replaces Alyx with a scantily clad lass named Korin. You can choose from two Korin versions, a suit from the manga/anime Gantz or an original “Lamarr” bikini (if you forgot, Lamarr was the pet face hugger from the lab). The former is best appreciated by fans familiar with the source.

Personally I love both outfits, but are they cool enough to make you want to play through Half-Life 2 again? That largely depends on how many times you have beaten the game and how fetching you find Korin. If you’ve been feeling like it’s finally time to try rock hard mode, it can’t hurt to have the Korin model guide you around. I played through a few levels with her and it does cause some graphical and collision glitches here and there. At least it’s easy to install. Also keep in mind you might have to reinstall the game to get rid of Korin, although I haven’t tried yet. It’s a fan mod so downloader beware.

Korin Gantz model – 6.5 out of 10
Korin Bikini model – 7 out of 10Posted by Hello

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Sega Gals report 4 of 4

The last two figures are standard version RAcaseal from Phantasy Star Online and a variant “secret” RAcaseal. I played a fair bit of PSO during its initial release on the Dreamcast and quite partial to the character designs.

Standard RAcaseal sports a sleak, one-piece bikini style body suit adorned with random armor that somehow manages to stay in place. For added protection from the elements, she has long gloves and thigh high boots. Normally, this would all be hard to stomach, but damn if it doesn’t look cool. Add to that a ridiculous gun that weighs almost as much as she does and you have the quintessential Japanese sci-fi fantasy costume. The interesting thing to note about the body suit, gloves, and boots is that they give off the illusion of functional high-tech micro armor without sacrificing sex appeal.

Secret RAcaseal is basically the same as the standard version except for four features—her pose, weapon, head mold, and head decoration. I’ve got no problem with those except for the new head mold. Her facial features are just awful. This normally doesn’t have anything to do with the costume, but it greatly reduces the figure’s worth as a neat display item. Since this particular series is part costume/ part figure critique, I’m going to factor this in the overall score.

Standard RAcaseal – 8 out of 10
Secret RAcaseal – 6 out of 10 Posted by Hello

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Lara's new look: Back side

Now we get to the view you’ll be seeing Lara from in the game. Back that thang up girl.

Once again we are presented with a visual change that could be interperted as more realistic or something done just to look cool. Lara’s binoculars, grenades, and a gadget that looks like a futuristic compass are now arranged around her belt instead of being stored in her cavernous backpack. Does that mean the amount of items you can now carry will be severely limited? Whatever the intention, I think it looks cool.

I can suspend belief and let a lot of things go, but the gun holsters plain bother me. See how the front of the barrels are exposed? Lara is going to get massive burn marks every time she puts away her gats. It’s possible that the barrels are covered by form fitting ends since the color matches a bit (it’s hard to tell even by zooming really close).

Her backpack and gloves are pretty bland too.

I’m sure Lara will have scads of different outfits for various missions, but this is a big disappointment as far as a reimagining of her main outfit is concerned.

Rating - 5 out of 10 Posted by Hello

Lara's new look: Front side

I'll update the last part of the Sega Gal's collection soon, but I had to post up the official shots of Lara Croft's new look in Tomb Raider Legends. I briefly talked about the game in the Stylist blog, but there is still a lack of solid game info. So for now, let’s dig in to her new costume.

It’s about time Lara looks more like a real woman than some lame attempt at keeping her image in line with the first PlayStation polygon model. You know, the one with the square features and, other features. While that’s all fine and good, the costume is hugely disappointing. Lara looks more suited to deliver packages for big brown than rummaging through tombs. Her shirt is just a confused disaster. There’s all these lines and odd wrinkles that suggest it might have some protective armor qualities somehow, but it makes her top appear ill fitted (and not in the good ill fitted way).

It’s hard for me to fault her shorts. I like me some short shorts that’s for sure. If this were real life though, these things would ride up and effectively become a thong after several steps. Either that or fall off since they seem to be hip hugger-like and not really connected to the belt in any supportive way. Again, let me state I have nothing against this. It’s perfectly fine for a costume to look good, but be totally impractical. My only bone to pick against it is that, like the shirt, is very boring.

And now the shoes. For all the rugged ground Lara covers, she’ll need sturdy boots and these look more than up to the task. They look a little too much like slender baseball catcher’s leggings, but it doesn’t bother me that much.

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