Friday, April 29, 2005

Korin mod for Half-Life 2

Still have Half-Life 2 installed on your PC? You might want to check out an interesting character model mod that replaces Alyx with a scantily clad lass named Korin. You can choose from two Korin versions, a suit from the manga/anime Gantz or an original “Lamarr” bikini (if you forgot, Lamarr was the pet face hugger from the lab). The former is best appreciated by fans familiar with the source.

Personally I love both outfits, but are they cool enough to make you want to play through Half-Life 2 again? That largely depends on how many times you have beaten the game and how fetching you find Korin. If you’ve been feeling like it’s finally time to try rock hard mode, it can’t hurt to have the Korin model guide you around. I played through a few levels with her and it does cause some graphical and collision glitches here and there. At least it’s easy to install. Also keep in mind you might have to reinstall the game to get rid of Korin, although I haven’t tried yet. It’s a fan mod so downloader beware.

Korin Gantz model – 6.5 out of 10
Korin Bikini model – 7 out of 10Posted by Hello

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Anonymous said...

You misunderstand, when you complete a game like Halflife, you're not meant to try and complete it on a harder difficulty, but have a big mess around with the physics engine via cheats. There is a lot of fun to be had going round the first chapter with weapons that you should not have, and negetive gravity to make those unlucky enough to get in your way fly up up and away. There are also useful spawning cheats, to make everything from Antlions to G-Man materialize in front of you (actually, at the point where your crosshair hits the ground), including Alyx, or should I say Korin in this case.