Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Lara's new look: Front side

I'll update the last part of the Sega Gal's collection soon, but I had to post up the official shots of Lara Croft's new look in Tomb Raider Legends. I briefly talked about the game in the Stylist blog, but there is still a lack of solid game info. So for now, let’s dig in to her new costume.

It’s about time Lara looks more like a real woman than some lame attempt at keeping her image in line with the first PlayStation polygon model. You know, the one with the square features and, other features. While that’s all fine and good, the costume is hugely disappointing. Lara looks more suited to deliver packages for big brown than rummaging through tombs. Her shirt is just a confused disaster. There’s all these lines and odd wrinkles that suggest it might have some protective armor qualities somehow, but it makes her top appear ill fitted (and not in the good ill fitted way).

It’s hard for me to fault her shorts. I like me some short shorts that’s for sure. If this were real life though, these things would ride up and effectively become a thong after several steps. Either that or fall off since they seem to be hip hugger-like and not really connected to the belt in any supportive way. Again, let me state I have nothing against this. It’s perfectly fine for a costume to look good, but be totally impractical. My only bone to pick against it is that, like the shirt, is very boring.

And now the shoes. For all the rugged ground Lara covers, she’ll need sturdy boots and these look more than up to the task. They look a little too much like slender baseball catcher’s leggings, but it doesn’t bother me that much.

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Anonymous said...

The only Lara Croft costume I ever liked was the one from Tomb Raider:Aod.
The only costume from that game that was good was the jean jacket and pants. Not the most original costume,but one of the best Lara costumes.
This new Lara costume appears to be based upon the very first Lara costume from the first tr game.
I do not like this new Lara's face that much,but then again if I play this game I will not be seeing her face that much anyhow.

Edith said...

Her outfit just looks too small, like it shrunk in the wash or she borrowed it from a 10-year old girl. It's not that cool...