Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Sega Gals report 4 of 4

The last two figures are standard version RAcaseal from Phantasy Star Online and a variant “secret” RAcaseal. I played a fair bit of PSO during its initial release on the Dreamcast and quite partial to the character designs.

Standard RAcaseal sports a sleak, one-piece bikini style body suit adorned with random armor that somehow manages to stay in place. For added protection from the elements, she has long gloves and thigh high boots. Normally, this would all be hard to stomach, but damn if it doesn’t look cool. Add to that a ridiculous gun that weighs almost as much as she does and you have the quintessential Japanese sci-fi fantasy costume. The interesting thing to note about the body suit, gloves, and boots is that they give off the illusion of functional high-tech micro armor without sacrificing sex appeal.

Secret RAcaseal is basically the same as the standard version except for four features—her pose, weapon, head mold, and head decoration. I’ve got no problem with those except for the new head mold. Her facial features are just awful. This normally doesn’t have anything to do with the costume, but it greatly reduces the figure’s worth as a neat display item. Since this particular series is part costume/ part figure critique, I’m going to factor this in the overall score.

Standard RAcaseal – 8 out of 10
Secret RAcaseal – 6 out of 10 Posted by Hello

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