Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Killzone PlayStation 3

Regardless of whether the PlayStation 3 footage is pre-rendered CG or real time, the thing I really love about Killzone is the art direction. You can get an immediate feel for the world just by looking at the uniforms of your fellow soldiers and enemies, and what few vehicles we actually see. I felt the same way about the PlayStation 2 version although I have yet to finish it. I really hate to bring up another Halo vs. Killzone comparison, but this time it’s in the latter’s favor. As much as I love Halo, it’s really hard to get a feel for what it would be like to live in the era of Master Chief. It’s not because it’s sci-fi set waaaaaay into the future since plenty of other genre material have created perfectly believable worlds. There’s just some architecture and design consistency that’s missing from the Halo series that Killzone just nails. Posted by Hello


mizuwari said...

I always thought that architects must have been involved in the design of buildings and structures in both versions of Halo (which I didn't 'recognise' but considered plausible and believable), but maybe more so in the case of Killzone, where they seem futuristic, yet familiar at the same time. Really liked the art direction here. Sadly I never felt compelled to finish the game, as gameplay and AI simply got boring.
Would be interested to know though, whether architects really were involved in the design of the buidlings, and if so, to what extend.
Looking forward to finding out how much Killzone2 will hold up to the pre-rendered trailer

Wataru Maruyama said...

Yeah the level designs in Halo are so crazy you get lost, which I think real architects might have a beef with.

fazyninja said...

well i think that the killzone trailer was most excellent but when i play a game i play it for its gameplay, i believe that there is only so much that graphics can do for a game. Halo 2 online gave me months of fun not to mention the people i spoke to and so on. the siongle player in halo 2 was the greatest but i think that with the correct implementaions the game (halo 3) can come out looking brilliant, on its release.
killzone looks good but how does it play, i mean i have call of duty 2 on xbox 360 and the gameplay is very good, and when i look closely at the killzone trailer, both the games look incredibly similar in gameplay. the only difference is the graphics, so what i mean by this is that if this is the best that ps3 is offering than i will stick to gears of war and halo 3 on xbox live offcourse.