Thursday, June 02, 2005

Alternate reality costumes

It’s not very game related, but these Evangelion figures in a Japanese prize machine caught my eye (and yen!). I love playing the various UFO catcher (similar to the crane contraptions here) and pseudo-skill machines when I’m in Japan since the prizes usually aren’t too hard to win. The game I played had a wheel like the one from Price is Right. You had three spins to try and get a total of five points. Hitting that mark let go of a prize. I should have known something was fishy right from the start when the prize racks were completely full—usually a dead giveaway that the machine is tough or impossible to beat. Plus they let you continue if you have one or more points still left. Surely a shady way to keep you pumping more dough into a losing gambit.

The coolness of the figures totally blinded me though until I got close to the 2000 yen mark (roughly $17) and decided this was a total waste. I really should have quit after 3 tries and looked for the items on eBay later (you can easily find them by searching for Evangelion Special Mission). The combination of Eva figures and the SWAT-like gear and guns was too the time.

The funny thing is that I didn’t purchase them on eBay once I returned. The fever of the moment passed apparently. Evangelion is known for shamelessly pimping out its characters to any form its fans will buy. Shameless until they hit a combination that hits your particular buttons of course. Someone needs to put the DOA girls in some SWAT outfits. Money in the bank baby. Posted by Hello


piyo said...

I like your site(s) because of the similar opinions on "figures". I sometimes post reviews of figures on my site, but less gaming and more cuteness. Sample:

Next time you're in Japan, you should stop by a anime/hobby store like Mandarake or Books Lashinbang or even Melon Books for your figure hunting. They sell the figures that are usually in the vending machines. I guess they just bag a complete set of figures or sell used ones or something. It's more cost effective and less risky.

Wataru Maruyama said...

Nice site, just bookmarked it. I'll add it to my feed once I finish changing readers.

I really need to update the definition of this site as I'll be doing more figure stuff soon.

There's a few stores here in the bay area that sell figure sets, but the prices are a bit high. Whenever I'm in LA there's a nice store with good prices.