Monday, June 13, 2005

New costume game release: Haunting Ground

I meant to start updating new game releases with noteworthy costume features, so let’s get it going! Haunting Ground is the latest entry in the horror game genre from Capcom. The game is somewhat similar in style to the Clock Tower series (Capcom took over the CT franchise starting with the third installment) in which you mostly flee in terror and solve puzzles instead of blowing away creatures. The reviews paint the game as above average to sort of poor, but there’s no question that the costumes in the game are super cool. The main character, Fiona, sports a gothic leaning costume that I find very intriguing. I’m guessing the dainty look of the outfit is meant to heighten the urge to protect her from danger. Two of her alternate outfits (cowgirl and cat suit) fall in the “sexy” category with the third (a huge frog mascot suit) being sort of a joke costume. Fiona has a trusty canine companion and he gets two different looks too.

I have yet to pick up Haunting Ground myself, so final judgment on the costumes will be rendered a bit later. I was a fan of Clock Tower 3 (most reviews say HG is not as good as that), so I’m hoping for the best. Pics I’ve seen of the extra costumes certainly have me optimistic.

Haunting Ground
Costumes for main character: 1 standard, 3 extra
Extra costumes for other characters: 2 extra for main character’s dog
Overall costume rating: Coming soon!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd like to know where some pics , ANY pics of any alternate costumes from the game...where they would be.
I have used google and so far , no dice.
Please and thank you.

Addicting Games said...

Yes me too.. I want to see another costume pics from this games. I think it looks very interesting and beautiful. Anyway, it's too bad that Haunting Ground is not a Free Games. The price itself is quite expensive for me.