Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Soul Calibur character creation = Costume heaven

The custom character creation system is limited by class types so you won't be able to make insanely crazy outifts, but it's sounds damn cool so far. A feature like this makes the lack of online play in Soul Calibur III an even greater crime. Think how cool it would be to encounter different looking characters, and the level of challenge countering move sets they've chosen.

As much as I loved Tekken 5, I don't play it much anymore since I can't jump online and play against another human. Creating new characters will keep me occupied for a few extra weeks I guess. Posted by Hello


Jeff said...

Without a "The Dog from Prague" option, I'm afraid the whole feature will end up being more limited than I can handle.

Anonymous said...

In the character creation, choose Dancer and make this character a male, dress him any way you'd like and then sit back and watch him go. He's got great moves, but this is just too much fun.