Monday, July 25, 2005

Better costumes = more girl gamers

I’ve noticed that many of the folks that stop by and send me email are female. Most of that is probably thanks to the linkage from Game Girl Advance. I don’t want to jump on the ever expanding debate of why more girls don’t play games, but there was one article I read (can’t recall which one at this moment) where they interviewed a woman in game development and how she was tired of seeing the endless parade of bikini clad “heroines”.

Could a simple thing such as paying greater attention to a game’s fashion sense increase interest from the ladies? Maybe. With the coming of the next generation of consoles and their high definition presentation, I would hope that’s a priority regardless of publisher’s aspirations to draw in women.

Getting back to bikinis, news recently broke of Rumble Roses XX and the official confirmation (it’s only been mentioned in interviews up to this point) of Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball 2, both for the Xbox 360.

No matter what they do with the next Rumble Roses, I doubt there will be anything remotely attractive about it to women. On the other hand, the original DOAX had tons of outfits to choose from, accessories to mix and match, and a deceptively simple friendship/gift giving system (it was actually very complex and forced you to pay attention to the likes and dislikes of each girl). All of those features seem tailored made for female tastes, except for the fact that every character in it was nearly naked, overly buxom, and posed provocatively at every opportunity.


Anonymous said...

Course, noone is arguing the Maxim is for girls even though it features girls on every cover.

Brinstar said...

Personally, I wasn't overly interested in the next Soul Calibur game until I read a bit more on the make-your-own-fighter feature (I'm more of a Tekken person, myself). I think more costume options and better-looking costumes are always a plus in games. Everyone definitely notices if a character has a nice costume, for instance, Leon is so stylish in RE4!

Craig Perko said...

The article you remember reading was actually a very bad misrepresentation of the actual interview. The details can be found here:

Jennifer said...

Hey Costume Get--

I've linked to your site after Time listed you in Best Blogs and have been reading ever since. As a female gamer, I've become increasingly enamored with costuming and, although I do enjoy some tiny bikini clad moments, full-coverage armor and dress is even more appealing for the growth of options and style. Here is my blog post and its resulting comments detailing my interest. ;)

Anonymous said...

I know that it's not really a game for women, but Rumble Roses XX is supposed to have a wrestler creation system and costume design system that will make for many permutations.

"players can create their original pro-wrestling organizations with other online users, as well as an extensive customization system that lets players change more than just the costumes and accessories for their wrestlers"