Friday, July 08, 2005

Custom costume madness

Having collected the Cool/Cy Girls and 1/6 scale figures for a while now, I’ve been aware of many elements of the fan base. It wasn’t until I did some digging for the Protect Gear post that I happened upon something truly amazing. There are a number of costume customizers in the 1/6 figure arena, but G-Custom Modeling appears head and shoulders above everyone else

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The pics here are a small sampling of the amazing work for view on the site. This Jill Valentine outfit, based on the Umbrella tactical gear seen in Resident Evil Apacolypse, is mighty impressive.

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Speaking of the Umbrellae tactical gear, here it is.

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Hey weren’t you in that Dino panic, um disaster game? What was it again?

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She’s not from a game, but this gives you a better idea of the custom molded parts that can be created if one has the skill and the time.

Want more Jill Valentine? Just you wait till the next post.


Brinstar said...

Incredibly cool work.

However, I wonder about the practicalities of wearing high heels and riot gear. Honestly. Not comfortable. Not practical. And it looks funny.

Wataru Maruyama said...

The shoes are only part of the problem. Those leather jumpsuits would be impossible to maneuver around in. They look good enough that I am more than willing to overlook these things. Plus the heels improve their posture.

Anonymous said...

For the last one, isn't she Archess Ney from "Bastard !!" ? ?

(sorry about the wrong character name, but i only know the french translation ...)

Ed said...

That Jill figure might just be the most awesome thing i have ever seen. Hope the Resident Evil devs take notice.