Friday, July 22, 2005

Kingdoms Under Fire: Heroes

Kingdoms Under Fire: The Crusaders is one of those games I have sitting on my shelf that I really, really want to play, but haven’t managed to yet. The impending release of Kingdoms Under Fire: Heroes, a prequel story, has made this desire feel all the more urgent. KUF doesn’t have a multitude of costumes to unlock or extremely original designs. What it does have, in spades, is impeccable art direction. It’s more than just pretty graphics, it’s the choreography of it all. The way the story scenes are framed elevate whatever the camera focuses on. You can get a small sense of what I’m talking about from these screens, but you must see it in action to get the full effect.

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KUF: The Crusaders has some gameplay flaws that bugged me when I first previewed it long ago. That still didn’t stop me from buying it the day it came out. I know I’ll buy Heroes immediately as well.

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