Monday, August 01, 2005

Death by Boredom

Despite its huge costume potential, I have finally given up on Death by Degrees. It was a tough call, since I really like the outfits in the game. I tried to give it every chance in the world, even (strictly as a last resort) trying out cheat devices to see if it made it any more bearable. No dice. I pretty much hate the game. Although there are some cool touches here and there, the way Nina controls and the ridiculous sub-menu system totally suck out the fun.

It took me far longer than it should have to come to this conclusion, but playing Haunting Ground and Kingdom Under Fire sealed it. I’m having a blast with those two so far and can’t wait to fit more time with them. In stark contrast, I dreaded the very thought of slogging through another terrible level in Degrees.

Nina’s ending in Tekken 5 featured her and Anna in medieval garb sword fighting. Here’s hoping she gets another shot with a guest appearance in Soul Calibur III. It would sure be cooler than throwing in Heihachi again. As sort of a consolation prize, Namco put up some snazzy new wallpapers for Degrees.


Brinstar said...

You know, before all the horrible previews about the gameplay started trickling in, I was really looking forward to this one. Nina's my favourite Tekken character, and a solo game with Nina sounded cool. Sadly, all the reviews came in, and it sounded too bad to spend any money on. Maybe if I see it in a bargain bin for under $15, I might get it.

I did, however, download nearly all the wallpapers when the official site first popped up. :> So I think I will download these when I get home tonight.


Wataru Maruyama said...

I paid $28 for it brand new, but it was still too much. Not sure it's worth even $10.