Friday, August 26, 2005

Soulful costumes

There are some nice new pics of Soul Calibur III here. Along with portraits of returning characters (check out Talim’s new look), there are a host of custom costume characters. Man, it’s really a shame this game isn’t online.
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I like how the SC team tweak different elements of the costumes, but manage to maintain the "feel" of the character wearing it. This outfit is very Seung Mina.

No play for cosplay
One of the questions I get in emails (maybe it's too embarrassing to ask in the public comments section) is why I won’t cover cosplay. Well, I have nothing against it. In fact, really great cosplay is awesome. At best, it looks like a game character has come to life (see Warcraft pic below). At worst…well, it’s usually a large man dressed as Sailor Moon. In the middle, which is the majority, are costumes of varying degrees of competence worn by a diverse cross section of fans.

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I admire that fan spirit, and given the right situation, I don’t deny there’s some part of me that could easily succumb to costume wearing if the moons were to align just so. BUT, I feel that only showing the best cosplay would not be representative of that world as a whole. It’s something fun for mainly diehard fans to do, so the overall quality is not something that gets a costume enthusiast like me excited.

For now, the closest I’ll get to showcasing cosplay is something like Sienna Guilory playing the part of Jill Valentine.


metaly said...

The character design in Soul Calibur has always been really unique and polished; I'm glad to see SC3 is no exception. My question is: What is with Xianghua's pink/turquoise outfit?? Is there going to be a Tommy Vercetti cameo?

At least she and all the other characters look more like their supposed nationalities this time around (in the renders, anyway). Hopefully they'll speak in their native languages, too.

mnemonicoverload said...

Speak their native languages? I can't even begin to contemplate the logistics in finding quality voice actors for that. :)

Oh, and is it just me or does someone on the SCIII art team have a thing for underboob?