Friday, September 09, 2005

Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance

Beat Down has been getting roughed up in reviews and the slams are warranted for the most part. I’m about 2 hours into it and can confirm the voice acting is indeed terrible, game play is limited, and the PS2 version has horrendous load times. So it may come as a shock (or maybe not) when I say Beat Down could still end up being a must have for costume fans…when the price drops.

The concept, if executed better (and I mean a lot better), would have been great. Think Final Fight brawling action mixed with missions that are kind of like GTA, but far, far more linear. Beating up street hoods raises your police meter, so you need to change outfits to keep the heat off. Certainly a great excuse to try lots of new outfits.

At first, the clothing store has like 15 shirts/jackets/vest/bras, 12 pants/skirts/shorts, and 9 shoes/boots/sneakers (those numbers may not be exact). Everything can be bought in 6+ colors. I interrogated some thug and he told me the clothes store had new stuff. So odd that he would think that info would save him from a beat down. Anway, I head to the shop and there are like 10 new shirts, pants, etc. Awesome. Something in the thugs message indicated this was 1 of 7 clothes updates. There were some board messages that revealed the location of the six other thugs you need to find to unlock more updates. Very nice. .

Needless to say, matching outfit styles and colors then heading out to beat up gang members is pretty fun. Even so, I’m not sure if I’ll be motivated to play through Beat Down with all five characters.

Below are a few examples of what the game has to offer as modeled by Gina.

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The jacket and plaid skirt make her look like she’s going out for bowling night, but her gloves say she is going to take care of bidness.

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The open vest distracts horny thugs and the rugged camo pants offer decent leg protection from the abrasive street.

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I like Gina in suits because it makes her look like King from the Art of Fighting/King of Fighters series.

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This ensemble gives me Streets of Rage flashbacks. That’s a good thing. Any time you can match up a choker with gloves is good times.

This is just a really small taste of the variety possible. I haven't even found where the accessories store is yet. Look for another report on how Beat Down holds up as soon as I find time to get back to it.


fotiboss said...

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Bye :D


Wataru Maruyama said...

Hey fotiboss, your site looks cool. I wish I could read Italian.

Anonymous said...

This definitely sounds like a nice $20 purchase to me. I can't resist a nice variety of clothing, especially in a game that lets me roam freely and pause to change looks whenever I want.

Nice site, by the way! I've nourished a fairly healthy interest in game costumes ever since I played Daggerfall and Battlespire and messed around for hours with their excellent paperdolling systems (even if they didn't reflect your character's actual appearance back then).


(rats, I have to sign up for a Blogger account to not leave comments anonymously?)

soho said...

Hey, got any pics of the sarong or the bikini, brassiere? I'm wondering what they look like. I'm waiting for this game to price-drop