Thursday, September 15, 2005

Old age is the new black

I was taken by surprise at the new images of Metal Gear 4 for PS3 that just hit the web, but the good vibes have sunk in really nice now. Aside from how great the visuals look, I’m quite excited about the much older Snake (or at least I think it’s Snake, haven’t read the details yet).

Snake reminds me of the old and craggy Batman from Dark Knight Returns. I can just imagine all the crazy game play gimmicks that could come into play like maybe the guards smell Ben Gay on him or something. Of course it’s ridiculous hoping for things that may not happen.

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It’s interesting how some game characters are allowed to age and others aren’t. Then again, how fun would a senile Mario who can no longer jump be. Wait a minute, the senile part would rock, just get the man an exoskeleton.

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Brinstar said...

Not so fond of the mustache, however he does look cool, and for the Metal Gear Solid game world, it would be a bit odd if the characters remained ageless.