Thursday, November 17, 2005

Costume bargain and milestone reached

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I’m still playing Beat Down off and on. I decided to try and unlock the special clothes items you get by completing the game with certain requirements. I really, really wish it didn’t load so damn much, but it hasn’t stopped me from playing.

Beat Down recently saw a major price reduction to $20 at most outlets. At that price, you should definitely give it a chance. I mean, it’s the #3 selling game in Japan! Can you believe it? And they are paying 7140 yen, which is roughly $60 U.S. dollars.

Media Alert!
My two blogs have reached 100,000 in just under a year. Much better than I would have ever predicted.


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Anonymous said...

hey why not post some clips of the other outfits u get when u complete the game?

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