Monday, November 28, 2005

The gift of Evil

I recently picked up the from a local EB. Wow. I was eyeing a huge Japanese Biohazard book a little while ago that collected everything you could ever want to know about Resident Evil, but it was very expensive ($40+, even more since I would have to import it).

To my surprise, Brady Games went and translated the whole damn thing so I had to get it. Resident Evil Archives is a very reasonable $30 and it’s massive. The title should really be the Umbrella archives since it only covers RE material related to that storyline. That means no RE4. Still, almost everything else is in there and all really good stuff.

And of course, lots of great views of the character costumes. Even all the art from the scrapped RE 1.5. Sweet.

Makes quite a nice gift. I should have thought of that before I bought it. Could have gotten it from Santa.


metaly said...

I paged through this at an EB yesterday after seeing it mentioned here, and wow. I don't consider myself a big Resident Evil fan (I disliked REC:V but loved the action-oriented RE3), but I'll probably have to pick this up just for all the costume shots and concept sketches. Maybe I'll get the "Pure Evil" GC compilation while I'm at it.

I hope this means more artbook-style "guides" could be making their way over here in the future. The handful of pages at the end of the Tekken 5 guide were great but so tacked-on.

Wataru Maruyama said...

You should also look for the Street Fighter Eternal Challengers book. It's another translated book by Brady, but it might be tougher to find. I got mine at a comic book store since it was somehow tied to the Udon comics.

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