Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Soul Musings

Maybe I’ve built up the Soul Calibur III experience in my head, so there’s bound to be a let down of sorts. The game is definitely great and I’m fairly satisfied with the costume elements of it. I guess the graphics Czar in me can’t help but be let down by the muted colors and so-so progressive scan quality. Tekken 5 had amazing 480p output, so I was a bit surprised this technological know-how was not shared between teams.

Why does that matter to a costume-centric blog? For one thing, you can’t see the details in the outfits as well as you can in the Xbox version of Soul Calibur II. That also had rather muted colors, but the sharp rendering showed off every little nuance.

I’m still having a good time with the game, especially since there are folks actively playing in the office. The two player action is, in my opinion, much improved from part two.

My vote for most improved outfit is for Sophitia. It’s odd that the top of her toga is see-through (revealing her cool armor bra), but the lower half is not. It would be very distracting if it were, and I’m not saying it should have been. Just thinking that the cloth must be magical or something.

I’m still unlocking the massive amount of costume options for the Create-a-character, so look for a future update with lots more screens. Shortly after the current onslaught of work I’m plowing through at the office.

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On a side note, I’m quite surprised by the latest trailer of Rumble Roses XX that hit the web recently. Mostly by Bloody Shadow’s new costume, which is um…very revealing. The small pic above is from the official site since I haven’t managed to take a screen from the movie itself. Just search around for it on the major sites and you’ll find it. Only the newest footage has Bloody Shadow so you can’t miss it.