Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Books for costume fans

Continuing the theme of books costume fans would dig, we start things off with Figure Maniacs. This is pretty similar to the Replicant series of magazine/books (mooks). The main difference is that FM is a little bit more expensive and likes to show off more figure skin than Replicant.

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Capcom Design Works is a must have, even for fans who already own the excellent Capcom Illustrations book. A few pieces do overlap, but there are tons of great, great never seen before art. Beware; there are bootleg versions of Capcom Design Works floating around. How can you tell the difference? The printing quality is not nearly as good, although it may be hard to know unless you’ve seen what it should look like. I bought one straight from a Kinokuniya bookstore to be sure.

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I had a good laugh when I first saw the Rumble Roses 3D Photo Album. Yes, it comes with actual 3D glasses! It showed up at my local bookstore a while back and against my better judgment, I caved and purchased it. The book contains a good amount of CG art that has never appeared anywhere. There is a Rumble Roses Best Shots book that has a lot of the same pics, but I don’t own it so no problem there. Should you really buy it? All I know is, it sells out quite frequently. The store is up to their third restock of it.

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Weapons sometimes add a thing or two to the look of a costume, so Arms magazine is worth a look. It’s a monthly look at the latest in soft air pistols (sort of like BB guns except they shoot soft plastic balls), as well as a few real guns, and media that feature weapons like movies, anime, and games. One issue had an extensive look at the guns in Metal Gear Solid 3. They’ve added a section about a year ago (maybe longer) where they dress up a model and she poses with various guns.

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