Monday, January 30, 2006

Happy Birthday Helena!

Did you know January 30th is Helena’s birthday? I know now thanks to the Dead or Alive 4 calendar I got for pre-ordering the game.

I was thinking of other DOA4 related items to go along with the birthday news when I happened across this Geekonstun post. It shows some amazing shots from this Japanese videogame panties site. I wrote a post a while ago on an old work blog about the unusually plentiful variety of undergarments Team Ninja likes to include in their games. In it, I posted a panties pic of unkown origins, but now I finally know where it’s from. So here’s a belated credit to the hard workers at Pantser! You have to admire the artistic lengths Pantser must have gone through to capture Ayane’s reflection in the water pic below.

Image Hosted by
Although there are indeed panty shots-a-plenty in the game, the action moves fast enough where you’re never getting the leeringly long looks and details of these shots.

So where do panty designs fall in the world of Costume Get? I’ve included them when factoring certain costume rating before, but the DOA4 ones fall more squarely into the fetish category. “Isn’t obsessing over the costumes of game characters a fetish too?” Perhaps. But the world is all about blurred lines.

Um, yeah, so Happy Birthday Helena!


Adalmin said...

You have a brilliant blog.

Why not review the girls of Final Fantasy? They're pretty wide-ranging (from the delicate Yuna to the disgusting Yuna, etc.).

Anonymous said...

how bout posting the doa4 calendar pics 1024-768 :P Yuna is Yuna she is always a cool beautiful character

Anonymous said...

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