Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Rachel, Reiko, and Valkyries?

I had requests for pics so here they are! The two-volume Valkyrie Profile Materials books. With the upcoming PSP port and original PS2 games coming, I imagine there will be other great books released.

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The fantastic art is featured heavily in the first volume.

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The second book has more story and game information bits, but still plenty of nice visuals. Well worth it if you can find them at a decent price, or at all I guess.

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Kotobukiya released three cool looking 1/6 scale Ninja Gaiden figures about a year ago. I was tempted to pick up at least Ayane, but didn’t and wasn’t that enthusiastic about the Ryu or Kureha figures. Now they are finally getting on the ball and releasing the fantastically costumed Rachel figure! She really should have been in the first wave. Needless to say, I’ve already pre-ordered mine (the figure is currently set for a May/June 2006 in store appearance). You can buy the import one earlier, but it’s going to cost you anywhere from $70-90 depending on shipping. The domestic release goes for $40, cheaper if you pre-order at some online shops now.

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The updates keep coming on the official Rumble Roses XX site. The latest set of pics show off the better muscle detail, but more importantly the lighting that highlights them. This will be key in making whatever outfits are in the game look extra snazzy.

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Metaly said...

I never got a chance to play Valkyrie Profile, but I remember being all over the art when it came out, with all the ornate details on many of the costumes. Unfortunately the only place I could find the book online was selling it for $70, which is a bit much.

Personally I think the lighting makes that Rumble Roses image look horrific. Her legs look like those photos of boxers getting punched in the face. It's is amazing that they've put that much details into the models, though.

Another complaint I have about that character (and her purple-haired look-alike) is how out of control her hair is. It looks shaggy and pretty unkempt. The hairstyle really makes or breaks a good overall character design, and right now hers looks pretty weird and overgrown. From what I recall, it was fine in the first Rumble Roses, which I'm happy about since it looks like that's the one they're using in MGS3:S. (Not that that inclusion isn't weird in itself, but still...)