Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Rival Schools!

Capcom’s Rival School games (known in Japan as Justice Gakuen) featured a wacky cast of characters and outrageous fighting action, but never made much impact here. If you’re one of those dedicated few who love it, some new capsule toys are coming out in Japan this April. The costumes of the characters are hugely popular among cosplayers with good reason. They are eye catching in that somewhat familiar, but weird and sexy at the same time way (that’s a mouthful).

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ne of my daily online addictions is checking on the Akiba blog. It’s like a good friend hitting all the cool stores in Akihabra and telling you in words and pictures what’s out there. A dynamite figure of Koyori from the Segoku Ace/Cannon games (a vertical shooting game series) was just released and it’s quite hawt. I would like to order one, but there really is no place I can display it. The wife would disapprove and I might get written up at work by HR. Oh well.

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I also love how Akiba blog takes a pic of all the boxes the stores stock. It’s like you’re there, except you can’t pick up the boxes…or buy the things…or continue browsing the store for other cool items…sigh.


Grant said...

I'd just like to chime in as a long-time Rival Schools fan - Project Justice, mostly. The character design is top-notch (with a few goofy exceptions, but I'm sure they have fans, too), but in addition to that, the costumes and design are an excellent fit for the game and their surroundings.

They did a terrific job of making a 3D game with a 2D 'feel,' and that's in large part thanks to the look of the characters, who have a clean, comic-book feel to them.

Wataru Maruyama said...

I hope they continue the series for next gen systems, but keep in mind that 2D feel you mentioned.

Brinstar said...

Akira is my favourite character. :-D