Thursday, January 26, 2006

Rumble Roses massive costume upgrade

The original Rumble Roses had two costumes (four counting color variants) per character. Not that great. As regular readers know, I’ve been keeping tabs on the upcoming Xbox 360 version and had thought we were looking at maybe four to eight (if they did color swaps again) this time out.

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To my surprise, there are going to be many more, including the ability to create your own character. By looking over recent videos, each character looks to have at least four more in addition to their character personality specific set of four. You can customize said outfits, and also adjust the wrestler’s body attributes. Yes, you can make the gals more top heavy, but I really like how you can make them more toned and muscular. A perfect compliment to a great outfit.

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My favorite screenshot is the one above. Japanese vs. US schoolgirls. Nice.

My big concern is how over-the-top the sexuality in the game is, even more so than the original. It’s going to be hard to find play time in the house that’s for sure.


metaly said...

The musculature on that create-a-character model is astounding. Soul Calibur 3's customization system (and to a lesser extent, Animal Crossing's patterns) turned out to be way more fun than I ever expected, so the idea of being able to create characters that look as good as that screenshot really ups my interest in the game. Unfortunately, my not being a member of the 360-having crowd and the creepy fact that a lot of the customizations are probably geared toward building anime bikini girls makes it unlikely that I'll try this one out. Can't wait for the next-gen Soul Calibur's create-a-character, though.

Wataru Maruyama said...

Whenever you do pick up the 360, rent or buy Condemned. There are at least a few things that would crack your freakiest moments list.

J0anna said...

Can't wait to see this game. Will certainly be interesting!

Vitaminpop said...

Omg, this looks fun!