Monday, February 27, 2006

Simple kind of wonderful

Sometimes it’s not about how unique or original an outfit is, it’s about how it’s worn. I mentioned this before for some characters in Advance Wars, but there’s no better example than Poison from the Final Fight series.

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A police-style cap, simple white half tank top, cut-off jeans, two leather chokers (neck and arm), and two high-heal pumps. It wasn’t meant to win awards, it just had to be thug-like so Cody and crew could whup on them.

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Almost immediately, she stood out. To use a phrase I don’t particularly like to use, she totally worked it. This character sculpt by Reflect shows just how awesome this outfit can be when worn with the right attitude. In some rendtitions, she also has hand-cuffs, but they’re very optional.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Lara Croft shamed

I’ve already stated my opinion on how drab and uninspired Lara’s UPS worker-like outfit is, but I think it needs to be made again now that they have unveiled the latest model to dress up in her gear. Karima Adebibe, a 20-year-old from London has been chosen to be the live action representative for the new game.

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Man, everything that bugged me about the costume in virtual form bugs me twenty times more in real life. All the flaws are brutally exposed like the utterly ridiculous shorts and the really awkward cut of the shirt. If a designer on Project Runway made it, they would have been OUT.

I’m still looking forward to the game, but will be playing with gritted teeth.

On a brighter note, I've finally updated a mess of links on the lower right-hand bar. Thanks to everyone who has linked to this site!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Virtua Fighter Fever

The original Virtua Fighter was not only the first polygonal brawler, it was also the first 3D fighter to offer alternate outfits. Over the course of the series, the 2nd player costume kept evolving and sometimes featured a radically different look for the character. My favorite (and least favorite) example is Sarah’s hip hop groupie outfit complete with corn rows.

As a costume hound, it’s been frustrating that there hasn’t been a larger selection of looks. On the other hand, each installment of the game pushes the visuals so far past the previous game that you need the main outfits to stay the same to more easily recognize each character.

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The screens of Virtua Fighter 5 that have surfaced thus far look quite hot, but it’s still too early to render any verdicts. I’ll be keeping a close eye on costume developments.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Real-time bikini wrinkling?

The pic above doesn’t look so sharp since it’s from a scan from a Japanese mag. Aside from the jerseys in the Xbox 360 NBA 2K6, most clothes that sit on top of skin seem glued on. They rarely give the illusion that the characters are actually wearing the costumes.

For a good example of what sort of look I want to see in games, check out how the clothes sit on the characters in the movie The Incredibles. Most striking is the scene where Mrs. Incredible is convincingly wearing a cotton bath robe.

In real life, bikinis tend to shift and move around. That’s why ladies are always adjusting them. It’s probably just the way the bikini is textured, but the RR pic almost looks like the bikini bottom is wrinkling in reaction to Reiko’s body movement. She’s almost in danger of eventually getting a wedgie.

Still, I seriously doubt RR actually has sliding/wrinkling bikinis. Such a feature will be hard to control, sort of like encountering problems with physics in Half-Life 2 without a gravity gun to bail you out.