Friday, February 10, 2006

Real-time bikini wrinkling?

The pic above doesn’t look so sharp since it’s from a scan from a Japanese mag. Aside from the jerseys in the Xbox 360 NBA 2K6, most clothes that sit on top of skin seem glued on. They rarely give the illusion that the characters are actually wearing the costumes.

For a good example of what sort of look I want to see in games, check out how the clothes sit on the characters in the movie The Incredibles. Most striking is the scene where Mrs. Incredible is convincingly wearing a cotton bath robe.

In real life, bikinis tend to shift and move around. That’s why ladies are always adjusting them. It’s probably just the way the bikini is textured, but the RR pic almost looks like the bikini bottom is wrinkling in reaction to Reiko’s body movement. She’s almost in danger of eventually getting a wedgie.

Still, I seriously doubt RR actually has sliding/wrinkling bikinis. Such a feature will be hard to control, sort of like encountering problems with physics in Half-Life 2 without a gravity gun to bail you out.


The Elderly said...

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Wataru Maruyama said...

Thanks for the kind words and the link. I'm reading through your blog now. Very cool.

The Elderly said...

Thank you for linking my blog, I am humbled. I have taken the liberty of placing a permanent banner link on the elderly sidebar. If there is any other way I can help promote your excellent blog please let me know.

Anonymous said...

hey man saw that you were commenting about video game clothes... and comparing it to movie cloth sims.

just wanted to throw it out there, and im sure you probably already know this but, video games arent quite to that level yet. only recently has it been possible to start doing, or make convincing, real time lighting.

however, the technology gap is getting smaller and smaller so id imagine soon cloth sims will make it into video games.