Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Virtua Fighter Fever

The original Virtua Fighter was not only the first polygonal brawler, it was also the first 3D fighter to offer alternate outfits. Over the course of the series, the 2nd player costume kept evolving and sometimes featured a radically different look for the character. My favorite (and least favorite) example is Sarah’s hip hop groupie outfit complete with corn rows.

As a costume hound, it’s been frustrating that there hasn’t been a larger selection of looks. On the other hand, each installment of the game pushes the visuals so far past the previous game that you need the main outfits to stay the same to more easily recognize each character.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
The screens of Virtua Fighter 5 that have surfaced thus far look quite hot, but it’s still too early to render any verdicts. I’ll be keeping a close eye on costume developments.


Adalmin said...

Her outfits are really boring, I think. Why not a pattern?

Anonymous said...

Simple works for her and it's a lot better than what Capcom and Midway comes up with