Monday, March 27, 2006

End of month costume round-up

Back from vacation, so let’s get back up to speed.

Against all odds, it turns out Rumble Roses for the 360 is coming out tomorrow (in most stores Wed). I could have sworn it would take longer to get released here, but I’ll take it. Before there was the plethora of info and screens we have now, I had heard that the game’s sexuality may be toned down from what we saw on the PS2. After countless preview movies and screens, we all know that’s totally not the case. But, if you had any doubts, check out the little promotional poster decorating Japanese retail outlets. Oh my.

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More Lara
So at least two more of Lara’s outfits have been making the rounds. A blue sweater top and pants combo and a basic black party dress. For the most part, both are yawners.

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The black dress looks ridiculous with full guns and backpack, but it’s sort of working for me. I mean, you’re at a party, shit happens, you just gotta strap on your gats right over your party dress. It makes sense. Hopefully some other looks will surface soon.

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According to my man Miguel, the guy who did the character designs for the Kingdoms Under Fire series was hired away by the folks making SUN. Now I know why everyone looks so damn cool in that game. Still, there’s little chance I would ever play it.

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Ninety-Nine Nights
On the other hand, there’s a good to great chance I will play Ninety-Nine Nights. It has the same design sensibility as KUF, which is not a coincidence since the developer of Nights is the same as Kingdoms. Add in whatever X-factor Mizuguchi-san adds to the picture and things should hopefully work out.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Knocker your eyes out

Looks like the Ninja Gaiden Rachel figure is out or about to be released in Japan from Kotobukiya. It goes for roughly $60 although it’s much more once you figure in shipping and dealer mark-ups. Kotobukiya is releasing the same figure in May (or June if it slips) for $39-49, so I’ve pre-ordered the latter.

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Some of their earlier figures had more paint detail in the Japanese original than the domestic release (like Tidus from FFX), so I’m a little worried about the quality of the US version of Rachel. Still, the potential differences (if any) should be minor.

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I sort of wanted the Kotobukiya figure of Ayane when it first came out, but that craving has passed since it’s near impossible to find at its original price now.

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Rachel’s outfit is basically fetish gear slightly modified with armor and weapons to look more gamery. It could have gone horribly wrong, but it works for me. It’s probably because the costume design and character are so far over-the-top. She has big blue eyes, huge hammer weapon thing, and large…er assets. You either accept it, and love it or not.