Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hair is the next challenge

Games are getting better at making clothes behave in a realistic manner, but it’ll be interesting to see how quickly (or slowly) great hair can be conquered. It’s a crucial part of a person’s overall look and greatly affects the outfit they wear. So pay close attention to all the next gen games at E3 okay?

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I avoid cosplay here because so much of it is terrible. When a lot of work is done to make things look good, it has a chance of catching my attention. The orange haired SiN character is not that bad, but the black haired one is kinda rockin. You can get the wallpaper here if you dig it.

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If you want wallpaper that is, er, unique, nothing beats the set found on the Japanese Silent Hill 4 web site.


Captain Algeria said...

those Sin cosplays are really HOT!!!

Anonymous said...

just to say, since looking through the archives, that both are Bianca Beauchamp and the outfits are latex.