Wednesday, June 28, 2006

July/Aug 2006 Costume Outlook

The Get! radar is tracking a few worthy blips in the next two months:

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The King of Fighters 2006 (Aug, PS2)
In case there is any confusion, 2006 is actually the sequel to the 3D series Maniacs and not the sprite-based games. That said, the first Maniacs was just ok. Fighting system was sorta broken and costume selection was bad. It looks like 2006 fixes both of those issues. Some of the outfits look like fancy color swaps, but others are fairly different. New pics are posted on the forums, which is where the pic above came from. Also check out the latest KOF wallpapers at the SNK Japan site.

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Ninety-Nine Nights (Aug, 360)
I almost bought Kingdoms Under Fire: Heroes because it was only $10 during Circuit City’s recent clearance sale. Decided to just wait for Ninety-Nine Nights since the games are very similar. I still prefer the more stylized look of KUF, but the High-Def snob in me won out. Even so, N3 is no slouch in the great looking costume department.

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Here’s a bonus N3 image, just because.

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Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth (July, PSP)
I had no idea Lenneth was about to drop in a less than three weeks. I’ve been feeling like I might have time for a RPG if it were on a mobile system, so…

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Onechan Pon (Now, PS2 Japan only)
I’ve fallen before for the seemingly tempting combination of simple games + hot ladies that D3 specializes in, but the budget production usually aren’t very good. This upgraded version of Onechanbara 2 features more characters and costumes, but seems to me that it would be too repetitive to be much fun. You can check out a movie of it here.

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Rule of Rose (Sep, PS2)
Okay, so I snuck in one Sep release. Costume Get! reader “GD” (forgot to ask if you wanted me to use your full name) sent in some notes about the outfits:

“Each costume comes with their own stylish weapon. Jennifer's default costume is a green old fashion dress (I'm not sure what it's called) that was worn during the 1930's. She has a pair of long black socks and brown boots, her hair is in a bun and she wears a red brooch. It's also a picture of her dog Brown. (shown in the pic above –ed). The rest of the costumes include:

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1) A red school uniform with a green skirt and a pair of glasses. Comes with a tennis racket for a weapon.
2) A white nurse uniform with with a hat, white socks and white shoes, and comes with a giant needle for a weapon.
3) This outfit is called "Gothic Lolita" which is a rare style in Japan. It looks like a servent girl outfit with white lace and her hair is dyed black. She carries a black umbrella for a weapon.
4) A very freaky giant octopus costume. Comes with a frozen fish for a weapon(weird).
5) It appears to be a rag doll wearing a tattered dress, has a rag head and arms, and sticks for legs. She also has one shoe and sock on one leg and carries a wooden stick for a weapon.

Now here are Brown's costumes.

1) A black dog outfit with white lace on him. Can only be worn with the Gothic Lolita costume.
2) A giant crab costume. Brown walks sideways in this outfit. Can only be worn with the giant octopus costume.
3) A broken stuffed dog with rope tied around his legs. Can only be worn with the rag doll costume.”

Thanks for the heads up GD!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Zero Suit Confusion

Samus without her armor refered to as Zero Suit Samus, but here’s the thing. It’s not that the blue outfit she is wearing is called a Zero Suit, it’s the fact that she is not wearing her armor. Get it? Zero = No suit.

Things get tricky since there are times we see Samus in outfits other than the blue tights or the armor. Like whenever she dies in Fusion, she has on tank tops and shorts. So that is also Zero Suit Samus. Or is it?

What is the definitive ruling? I’ll have to look into it.