Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Legendary Costumes

I was randomly at a Blockbuster over the July 4th weekend and had this urge to play me some Tomb Raider Legends. Unfortunately, the 360 version was rented out, so I made do with the standard Xbox one. Man, there is a huge difference between 480p and 720p. The demo I downloaded of Legends for 360 looks so much nicer.

Anyways, the game is quite good and has a very nice selection of costumes to unlock. It took me a little over two days to beat it and another day on top of that to unlock most of the outfits.

Image Hosted by
I tried to take some photos with my digital camera, but they came out looking pretty ghetto. Luckily, every outfit is posted on the Tomb Raider forums located here. My two favorites are the winter coat one and this silver number, which is like the one from the second movie.


Gamer C. said...

Indeed, great outfits Ms. Croft is sporting.

Anonymous said...

hold on *points wildly* that doesn't look like anything i've seen from legends! that setting and the silver outfit unique to the Xbox version!