Thursday, August 10, 2006


Bullet Witch was released about two weeks ago in Japan and the word is sorta meh to terrible. I don’t think anyone was expecting much anyway. I’m still fairly interested in the title, because 1) Bullet Witch is a cool name for a game, 2) Although her outfit is an Underworld-esque derivative, her gun is dope, and 3) I enjoyed Cavia’s last title, BeatDown, which had an immense costume selection.

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I have no idea if Bullet Witch offers much in the way of extra outfits, so will be on the look out for any news in that area. BW doesn’t have a US release date yet. I’m hoping it gets picked up as a pseudo-budget title and released at around the $30 level. Just like Onechanbara, c’mon somebody do it!

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Did you know there is an Anime version of Witchblade? I’ve never been a huge fan of the US comic, mainly because the metallic bits were too, well, metallic. It never made sense to me how someone can move around at all with that messy junk on them. Plus it seemed like the design changed all the time for no other reason than it was hard to draw the outfit consistently.

On the other hand, the Anime design is more scaled back and muted. The big difference is that this design is super consistent. Although the US costume shows more skin, the Japanese version seems racier.

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So racy that when the show aired on Japanese TV, the lower half of the outfit is colored black. The DVD release is all bare skin in that region.

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I’m tempted to pre-order this figure, but it’s just a tad too out there.


Anonymous said...

Hey Wataru I am lovin this Witchblade Anime. It given a new look(of course!) and feel. Cant wait when they going to release it in the u.s. Hey what ever happen about the Rumble Roses costume? I remember you say you going to post some costume update. I am loving your blog, I m a fan so please can you do a costume post at leat everyweek? Its okay is even come from the same game.Preferebly the one about hot chick in bikini always awesome!

Metaly said...

Never really heard of Witchblade, but the costume up top is pretty cool. It actually looks pretty similar to this mysterious alt-costume for Shion in Xenosaga Episode 3, which stands out a bunch among the rest of the costume designs which have really gone downhill since Episode 2. The color scheme with the purplish-grey and highlights is an exact match.

Cavia has a real style-over-substance track record, so Bullet Witch's reviews don't surprise me. Still, it's too bad because a huge gun and near limitless ammo seems like a foolproof formula. (I really didn't want to say "bulletproof" there.)

maya said...

Actually, Bulletwitch IS coming to America courtesy of Atari. Read it in an article over at, scroll down to 8-12-2006 and you'll see it.

And yeah, could you possibly get around to posting images of all the costumes in Rumble Roses XX?

As always, keep up the great work!

Carlo said...

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