Wednesday, August 16, 2006

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As astute reader Maya mentions in the comments from the last post, Atari has picked up the US rights to Bullet Witch. Word is that some tweaks are planned (possibly even downloaded costumes!), but nothing concrete on how extensive those will be. Let’s at least hope for bargain pricing if nothing else.

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N3 no get?!
Ninety-Nine Nights is in stores as we speak. I tried to ignore the bad buzz, but it's deafening. Despite the hate, I’m still interested somewhat. I might be able to hold off a bit and see if prices drop quickly. Hmm… I’m due to finally play some Dead Rising, so we’ll see after that.

Rumble Roses XX
I’ve been meaning to go back to RR, but after 40+ hours, I might be done. It would take another two hundred hours to get the all costumes achievements. This may have been possible when I was single, but it’s amazing enough I squeezed in the time already.

That said, there are some updates I haven’t gotten around to. I’m gathering pics now, so look for something next post.

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Oh, I also found another Witch Blade figure, this one in an even more provocative pose. My goodness, this is way out there.

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