Thursday, August 03, 2006


I mentioned before how much I like the art in Soul of the Ultimate Nation, but probably wouldn’t play it since I’m not much of a MMO player. Webzen recently cancelled plans to bring another MMO, Endless Saga, to the PS3 to concentrate on SUN and Huxley.

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So now I have my fingers crossed they’ll bring SUN to consoles instead. On second thought, do I really want to get sucked into a MMO?

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The other title I mentioned is Webzen’s online shooting MMO, Huxley. That title is already scheduled to hit both the PC and 360. The suit designs look pretty nice. Not sure if I’m sold on a shooting MMO though.

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Onechanbara X: The Devil Evolution Human
Well, well, looks like the hot sword wielding lady series Onechanbara is making the jump from PS2 to Xbox 360. It’s part of D3’s budget series, so I don’t expect it to be super awesome. I do expect it to be priced fairly low, perhaps even $30? Most likely $40 which could be a deal killer.

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Judging by this second screen shot, it looks like there will be a healthy amount of unlockable costumes. Not sure what User Costumes mean. Hmmmm….


maya said...

I hope Onechanbara gets a release over here in the States, it and its PS2 siblings all look like zombie killing fun.

Now it won't come cause I said I wanted it.

Wataru Maruyama said...

The 360 version might have the best chance. It could be a cheap way for a publisher to add a 360 game to their release roster, perhaps sometime in the off-season when there aren't many game releases.

Grant said...

I think that the D3 budget publishing approach has some obvious advantages, mostly just the chance to put out a game with a lower budget - hopefully in an unexplored or niche genre, where there's little competition, so a budget title can thrive.

But I think it's worth noticing that releasing for a next-generation system like the 360 amplifies those advantages: with few titles available, and the introduction of new titles slowed by the even-higher budgets that many of them will have, the time may be ripe for cheap releases. Gamers who simply don't have enough titles to buy that they find interesting, or who can only find one or two titles in their favorite genre may be very eager to try out what D3 can toss their way.

And, on the other hand, the installed base is lower. So who knows. But it looks like most of the early D3 titles for the 360 are going to be ports anyway, so that should keep the risk/investment low.