Thursday, September 28, 2006

The parade of embarrassing bikinis

The majority of Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 screens shown up to this point featured relatively demure bathing suits. Even the “official” ones released during the recent Tokyo Game Show and X06 in Spain continued that trend.

However, the demo on the show floor apparently had much more risqué items for display. The educated guess would be that there was a very strict embargo on showing this footage on mainstream web sites, which explains why the only photos capturing the skimpy bikinis are of the amateur digital camera variety. I won’t go as far to call these latest bikinis tasteless, but they certainly are quite out there. I mean…pearls? Holy moley.
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Last time, the most skimpy and sought after outfit was the jeweled Venus, but it appears there are at least TWO new jeweled bikinis now. The tear drop bikini Kasumi is wearing also falls into the “whoa mama” category. In many ways these are far more outrageous than if they were outright naked. Still, as a man I can’t be too mad at Team Ninja. Well not for the DOAX2 shots, but maybe for the new unnamed game they unveiled.
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There’s only concept art for this mystery Team Ninja game. Even so, I’m not too wild on them. The pants bug me the most, but the patterns all along the outfit aren’t giving me the good vibes either. It could end up meshing quite well with the aesthetic in-game. We’ll see.

One more game I’m looking forward too, but also earns some thumbs down is the upcoming 360 version of Oneechambara. The main character is okay and has a decent style. These enemies on the other hand are just tacky. You can tell the costume is trying very hard to be cutting-edge sexy with daring slits held together by rings and other patches of cloth. Ummm, sorry it looks terrible.
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A reader pointed out to me, that the just released (in Japan) Sexy Beach 3 by Illusion also features tan line technology. The difference here is that you actually rub the lotion on the girls in a very interactive manner, among other embarrassing things you’d except in an adult game.
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Monday, September 18, 2006

King of costumes, sort of

The King of Fighters 2006 hits stores this week and I’m totally going to be all about it. On the downside, each character seems to only have two outfits. In better news, there is something like 40 characters and multiple color variations for their costumes.

The previous incarnation, which went under the Maniax(acs) brand before switching to the yearly moniker, was good fun. The fighting system was flawed, but it kept your interest if you just stuck to single player.

The one game that may force open my wallet and succumb to PS3 is Virtua Fighter 5. Part 4 introduced an accessory system that offered limited costume variations, but recent screens show that characters appear to have more than the standard two.

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When I played the game in Japanese arcades a few weeks ago, Vanessa sported an unbuttoned camo shirt and sports bra with matching camo pants.

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These two screens above show her in a one-piece blue jumpsuit and also an armored vest with military pants combo.

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Here’s a shot with newcomer Eileen in a pink top/martial arts pants number I haven’t seen before. It’s all quite encouraging.

Hopefully the PS3 Tekken will also step up its costume offerings.