Monday, September 18, 2006

King of costumes, sort of

The King of Fighters 2006 hits stores this week and I’m totally going to be all about it. On the downside, each character seems to only have two outfits. In better news, there is something like 40 characters and multiple color variations for their costumes.

The previous incarnation, which went under the Maniax(acs) brand before switching to the yearly moniker, was good fun. The fighting system was flawed, but it kept your interest if you just stuck to single player.

The one game that may force open my wallet and succumb to PS3 is Virtua Fighter 5. Part 4 introduced an accessory system that offered limited costume variations, but recent screens show that characters appear to have more than the standard two.

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When I played the game in Japanese arcades a few weeks ago, Vanessa sported an unbuttoned camo shirt and sports bra with matching camo pants.

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These two screens above show her in a one-piece blue jumpsuit and also an armored vest with military pants combo.

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Here’s a shot with newcomer Eileen in a pink top/martial arts pants number I haven’t seen before. It’s all quite encouraging.

Hopefully the PS3 Tekken will also step up its costume offerings.


Josef Axner said...

King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2 (aka KOF 2006 in the US) has 36 characters, all with 2 costumes with 8 variations each. The variations are far more than simple colour swaps though, some of them with wildly differing designs, and 2 of the 8 use a different model as well. There are a lot of costumes, some better than others of course, but overall infinitely more satisfying than in the first game, and a lot of fun nods to other SNK games and characters.
Generally speaking, the game is alot like the previous one, only better. And thankfully, this time around you yanks don't have to endure the horror of the dub voices (though you'll get the option to do so if you want to for some reason).

Virtua Fighter 5 has 17 characters, all with 4 costumes each. Each character has probably a few hundred or so custom items, some of which can be used with all costumes, and others that are costume specific. Custom items range from glasses, earrings and bracelets to different hairstyles, different coloured jackets or accessories such as armor or bags. The amount of "slots" where you can put items has increased from 4 (head, face, upper body, lower body) to somewhere around a dozen, and of course the amount of items available has increased as well. Generally speaking the freedom and possibilities with customization have increased tremendously, but Sega has also implemented a neat (or annoying, depending on how you see it) system where the rank of your character determines how much custom stuff you can put on them.

Wataru Maruyama said...

Wow, great info! Thanks!