Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Armor, water color peaches, golf, and expansions.

I keep telling myself there’s no way I have time to play lengthy RPGs like Final Fantasy XII, then I see something cool like the above art from the official soundtrack and I start to waffle. Wow, such an interesting mix of Samurai and European armor. I bet they’re some bad ass enemies…or are they friends? Oh the mystery! Then again, I’m not too excited about the costumes of the regular characters, at least not yet.

Something I definitely had to make time for was some Okami. I’m about 2 hours in and loving it. It’s pretty much a dead-on Zelda action adventure clone, but there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you do it right. The art style is amazing, but I had to do a double take at the back of the Tree Spirit Sakuya’s outfit. It’s breezy back there (didn't have time to take a pic of it myself so that rear shot was lifted off Kotaku).
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I was wondering what the first Wii game to get some costume action would be… and it looks like Tecmo’s Super Swing Golf is the winner! I’m not sure if that character is actually Kasumi or just someone wearing her outfit (Update: pretty sure it's Kasumi), but the pig-tails gal definitely has at least two changes of clothes.
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Who knows if there will be any downloadable new bikinis for DOA Xtreme 2 down the road, but its naughty counterpart, Sexy Beach 3, has already announced an expansion disc! You get at least two new characters (maybe more), new outfits, and new “scenes”. It’s set for release Nov 24th, which is just two months after the main game’s release. Fans are shelling out some dough since SB3 costs around $90 and the expansion is about $40.
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piyo said...

I really hope you play FFXII. I racked up 170 hours in that game (I think you can beat it in 40, I just like mind-numbing levellin' up with the brilliant Gambit system). Costume-wise, you gotta see that girl in the water port city at the end of the game. I need your costume-powered opinion.

Thanks for the Kasumi shot on Tecmo Golf. It's in a cute, ero-kawaii style; nice. Is Tecmo's other recognizable cover girl "Rio" (?) in the game too as a (somewhat?) super-deformed character? This is the second game that has got me interested in the Wii (1st is Wii Sports tennis).

I can't believe you're covering Sexy Beach 3 though, then again it fits the "costume get". I sense you want to expand your coverage into more risque games, heh?

Wataru Maruyama said...

Playing FFXII will depend on how quicly I finish or get tired of Splinter Cell Double Agent. Of course that also depends on when I finish Okami.

Actually, forgot to mention another reason I want to play FFXII is the character designer is the guy who did Vagrant Story. Another very stylish game.

Sexy Beach is getting some attention here mainly because of the timing of its release to DOAX2.

Oh and how come you stopped updating your gaming log page?

piyo said...

Currently the Wikipedia page on the Tecmo Super Shots Golf claims that the "Kasumi" is actually an another character just cos-playing/paying homage. I don't care, looks good enough to me.

Sorry, my gaming log died but I haven't stopped commenting on gaming on other peoples' blogs. With all the time I save not blogging I can play more!

Norm said...

The pig-tailed goth chick looks suspiciously similar to Koo from the cutesy Korean golf game Pangya. I wonder if they stole it, or if this is built on that?


Wataru Maruyama said...

I believe the game is still being called Super Swing Golf Pangya in Japan, so that explains that. They shortened it to Super Swing Golf for the US name.