Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Blu-ray = more costume texture storage?

I mentioned in my other blog that I was most likely passing on a PlayStation 3 till the price comes down or there are enough “I can’t live without” games out.

It amazes me that a good number of the launch PS3 games already come close to using up all 25GBs on single-sided Blu-ray discs, and yes claim the developers, that is with compression in effect. That means it’s supposedly all additional data, especially for texture and effects.

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For clothes, does that mean we will see a level of detail impossible on other systems? Not exactly. That sort of thing depends more on the guts of the console more than the storage capacity of the discs, but the point is moot since the PS3 does feature some fancier abilities in that regard anyway.

More developer interviews are popping up as we get closer to launch, so I’ll be looking for any details in that area.


Anonymous said...

nice pic of that tig ol' biddie chick from Ninja Gaiden. by the way, Ninja Gaiden looks just meh on the PS3, i thought it was supposed to be this HUGE leap in quality. i think that the size of the BD disks is partially because the speed of the drive is so slow, that they're just streaming the raw data in chunks and processing it without having to decompress.

or maybe i'm just full of poo.

Anonymous said...

At least for movies, there is very little compression being done. In-game? Not clear on that.

However, the conceit that the extra space will be used for larger textures is a massive fallacy. The amount of RAM between the 360 and the PS3 is the same (except the 360 uses the ram more efficiently). In fact, you're more likely to see better resolutions from a PC game (with 256-512 video RAM, and gigs and gigs of systme RAM), and most of those are still on CD.

The only reason I can even think of for developers to say the PS3 needs larger disc capacity is if they're over-reliant on FMV (SquareEnix needs to include like 10 HD hours of prerendered animation for FFXIII somehow).

If anything, you really want to hope the PS3 uses lower resolution textures. the Blu-Ray drive will already be slow enough, if it has to access larger textures for everything, you'll be waiting a day and a half for levels to load.

Anonymous said...

any time you guys can find a reason to complain about the ps3 you'll do it won't you?, trolls.... its a costume article