Wednesday, November 15, 2006


The game has been getting hammered by reviews, but of course there’s no way that would deter me from picking up the game. Despite the poor scores for Rumble Roses XX, I still greatly enjoyed the game. That said, my expectations have been greatly lowered.

Impressions soon.

Update part 1
Played through one full vacation last night. I heard the first time through, you are forced to partner with Lisa, so decided Tina would be the best choice. I’m liking the new bikinis I’ve seen. Volleyball seems much tougher, but thankfully you can make a lot of money with the jet skis. The revamped poker is much better too.

I spent way too much time spamming the slot machines. In the last game, most of the machines that didn’t take away money would eventually triple (or more) your money if you did it long enough. This was achieved by using a rubber band or similar item to keep the A button pressed down. Walk away for an hour and check your total. You definitely want to check every now and then to make sure you didn’t accidentally go broke.

It looks like it still works sorta, but I didn’t do it for an hour. Only two, half-hour stretches, which is actually not nearly long enough for real gains. I got impatient and wanted to get back to actually playing the game and will try this out much later when I embark on more ambitious bikini buying sprees.

I only have the basic camera and it works pretty good. The advanced camera is very expensive, so it wouldn’t really interest me until I got a good collection of outfits anyway.

I can totally see the faults the reviews point out. Had I not come into the game prepared, the disappointment could have overwhelmed me too. At this point, I’m still quite happy with the game. To be continued.

Update Part 2
Started my next vacation with Kasumi. I didn’t choose a guide, so the game gave me the option to start off with Tina. I forgot to mention during my first time through as Tina that Lisa abandoned me. It started with a random gift she didn’t like and it probably didn’t help that I stopped playing volleyball and stuck to the jet skis.

Anyway, I’m at day 6 and the Kasumi/Tina team is still going strong. Kasumi’s outfits tend towards the demure, although there are some naughty lingerie items. She also has a few school girl outfits as well. I gave Tina a bikini she didn’t like (a white lacey number) and only won her back by giving her a prototype Xbox and cherry pie. Tina ended up giving Kasumi back the bikini, which is a ton better than throwing it away outright.

Update 3
(I’m posting update 3 and 4 at the same time because I didn’t have internet access this weeked) Finished off my vacation with Kasumi. Overall, I really liked her outfit selection. Started my next game with Christie. Ayane was the character available for initial partnership, I declined. Figured it would take a lot of time to make these two like each other, so it was going to be about solo jet skis and gambling.

Christie has the famous “pearl-like” bikini and it comes in three colors; black, white, and gold. I went with gold. Her other bikinis are kind of blah actually. She also has the bunny outfits, but they are just ok. I experimented with the Christie slot machine with mixed results. High risk, but also high pay out. I busted more than I earned over the vacation though.

The stores change inventory three times a day now, so I checked-in to buy gifts for Christie’s next vacation. There were a ton of Kasumi items in stock, which means I’ll try to partner with her the next time I play with Christie. It’s going to be hard to get Kasumi to wear the pearl one probably. I may try to play as Kasumi first and get friendly with Christie to hopefully keep the good vibes going between them.

Update 4
My fourth vacation featured Helena. Kokoro was the default partner and they seem to get along ok. Helena’s premiere bikini is the sea shell one. I’ve seen two color variations so far although I’m sure there is probably at least one more. She also has some nice skirt outfits. A better overall selection than Christie. I’m only at day three, but already decided to play only enough to buy maybe two or three bikinis for Helena then move on to another character.

I’m wondering if there are costumes that don’t appear in a girl’s first vacation.

After I play at least a few days with every girl, I’ll start concentrating on one single collection. I’m not sure who that will be yet though. I'll also try to unlock pole dancing. It's crazy how long the scene is compared to other gravure, like 5 times as long.

Update 5 (Final one for this post)
After finishing Helena’s vacation, I did really quick 2-day runs with Hitomi, Kokoro, and Leifang just to check out their outfit selection. These three have the most tame wardrobea so far, but that’s not a bad thing. There are some really adorable outfits to choose from, although it’s a bit weird that Leifang’s full China dress costs a million zacks. I mean, it’s very nice looking, but just oddly priced. After I finish Kokoro at day two, I’ll move on to Ayane and finally Lisa. I expect to spend a lot more time with these two to set up later gift exchanges.

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Hitomi is the only character that automatically comes with the super fancy camera, so I need to go check that out to see if it’s really worth 2 million zacks.

The next update will probably not be about DOAX2, but expect a fuller report after that or the next.


onan said...

Yeah, mine just shipped from I was originally annoyed I'd have to wait the extra week to save 10 bucks, but after seeing the reviews, it's not so bad.

Regardless, it's going to be a massive time sink no matter how terrible it is as a game, and that worries me. Oh well, at least I finally got around to finishing 100% costumes in DOA4, so with any luck that affects this game too.

Anonymous said...

As some one who put about 80 hours into the first one and spent about 4 hours with the new one, I can say that it's still worth getting. The worst thing I can say is that it's more of the same (in some cases, EXACTLY the same). Also, some of the big ways I made money in the first one (like poker) have changed in a way to make it way easier to earn money. Consequently, there are many more expensive suits. What I do like is the additional minigames and the decent payout they are given. Where the first one quickly turned into Dead or Alive Extreme Poker, this one seems to encourage playing more of the side games. This isn't a terrible game at all, but a light, mostly relaxing (jet skiing is actually kind of intense), fun game.

Rob H.

piyo said...

Your blog post made me navigate to the official site:
Wow they are doing cool things with web tech (flash?) nowadays. That "travel brochure" is nifty.

For the Japan market (at least), there is a "Kasumi reclining" face plate for the Xbox 360 going for about 3000 yen (USD 25.00?)
(Official shop site for product)
Are you going to get that? I wanna buy that even though I don't have an Xbox 360 yet.

Wataru Maruyama said...

Yeah I saw all the 10th anniversary stuff. I was almost tempted by the faceplate, but Kasumi isn't my favorite character. I'm interested in getting the playing cards though. Hopefully, they won't be going for outrageous prices on eBay. Tecmo sold the two previous series on their US site, so maybe they'll do the same. The only drawback was their charge for shipping which was like 5 times the going rate.

onan said...

Same here. Now, if it was a Christie faceplate...

Anonymous said...

It's interesting how the reviews of the first game are generally positive, yet the second time around, the reviewing folk aren't so friendly. I've spent about 5 hours with the game so far and I think it's safe to say that if you enjoyed the first DoAX, you'll like the second one, albeit with a possible tinge of frustration throughout.

onan said...

Well, I finally got this thing, so a few notes:

I know you were looking towards the Slots with a rubberband to make your money, but it seems that they're only really good for getting the extremely rare Triple Face outcome, which rumor has it triggers a special sequence, possibly the pole dancing. As such, you rarely win (even the small pots), and it's a quick way to go broke.

It looks like Poker is actually the easiest way to make money in this game. Just make sure you go to the table with at the very least, 500,000z if you're going to play 5,000 Poker. The game is somewhat broken because if the bet goes above the amount of money you have, you are forced to fold.

With that caveat, I'm easily making 1-2 million zacks a night playing Poker.

Without Poker, You're talking Rumble Roses XX levels of frustration in playing 10+ matches (volleyball or jetskis) multiple times with each girl for each outfit. What makes matters worse is that While I routinely managed 7-0 matches in the last game, I haven't even won 7-2 yet, let alone a shut-out.

That said, the photography mode is unnecessarily complex and a big mess compared to RRXX. It's horrible when you look fondly back at E3 demo kiosks and wish the game were more like that, with menus for minigames, and selectable gravure scenes. The current system (which hasn't changed from the original game), leaves you limited in terms of activity selection and blind in terms of gravure selection.

Wataru Maruyama said...

Yeah I've been playing poker a lot to boost my jet ski income. I had a bried run of luck with Christie's slot machine, but now it's always bust city going that route.

piyo said...

I am actually surprised with the contents of the updates to this blog post, only because I haven't played even the Xbox version of DoAX. I thought the game was straight collecting (like Animal Crossing?) but it seems that this game has lots of gambling^H^H^H taking chances, such as casino and gifting. Is there any "sure thing" to this series?

Wataru Maruyama said...

Yeah the series is part dating sim, collect-a-thon, mini-games, gambling, and eye candy. It's sort of an odd mix, but the biggest attraction is collecting stuff and trying to get the girls to wear them.

Anonymous said...

Just how bad is the volleyball in this version? Depending on who you ask, the responses range from "okay" to "unplayably hard". I don't really feel like stressing myself out playing a supposedly-relaxing game...

Wataru Maruyama said...

It depends on who you play. Some vactions it's not too bad, and other times it's impossible.

Jet Ski and Poker are the most fun for me.

onan said...

Hey Wataru --

Just a heads up. It works. It'll probably be patched soon, so I don't know if you want to take advantage of this.

Wataru Maruyama said...

yeah I saw that first thing this morning. Man, gonna have to try it as soon as I get home. Might try on a new profile, till I get the timing right.

onan said...

They pretty much fine-tuned it on gamefaqs, if you bring out the guide and hit X to sign out of your profile before or during the "no more bets" screen, you're golden.

However, if you're not on the "sign out? Yes No" blade before they switch off of the "No More Bets" screen, you're in danger of having the cash deducted from your account on a reload.

It looks like it just holds your save data static until you decide whether or not you want to sign out as to not corrupt it. If you say yes, it's fine, if you say no, it applies all pending changes to your save file.

Just dont hit Y to go to the dash, you might corrupt your save. Some people have made that mistake.

Anonymous said...

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