Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Fourth/Fifth costume emerge

Slowly, but surely new costumes are being released for Bullet Witch in Japan. I haven’t found any new info regarding what will be included for the US release, but it’s encouraging that the developers are keeping things going. This newest outfit ramps up the sexy and adds a new hair color and glasses too.

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It’s quite nice actually. A bit on the wild side, but that’s fine.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
The next costume that looks to make it into the game is this bizarre mummy motif. Seems it went through some revisions to tone it down a bit and thus we have a jacket and jean shorts added on top of things. I’m not a huge fan of the whole bandage look, which seemingly became “a hot thing” during the Evangelion heydays.


Anonymous said...

Actually, the "Mummy Look" has a rather strong resemblance to a comic book character by the name of "Painkiller Jane" Who's kind of undead, or immortal, or something. They haven't explained it fully from what I've read, but she mostly goes around shooting people and surviving all kinds of real aggravated damage (and once had a fling with the Punisher).
But like I said, dressed the same, just Jane has these red sunglasses on.

piyo said...

I played the game demo with the long skirt. It helped me to concentrate on the game play. I suppose I wasn't paying attention to when they said you could download this stuff. Yowza. Did they ever claim you could get new costumes?

J said...

*lol* Perv.

Anonymous said...

make her sexier

Anonymous said...

make her nakeder, alot nakeder than the one with the short,short skirt and glasses

Anonymous said...

holy hell her costumes are amazing im loving the mini skirt also i found one of her in a school girls outfit, shes so hot