Thursday, November 09, 2006

November costume update

These two outfits were revealed in the “girls” trailer released on Xbox Live a week or so back, but now we have some actual pics, courtesy of Famitsu, that aren’t grainy footage caps. I like that there are a variety of outfits aside from bikinis. The white lingerie number on Christie looks a little comical considering the beach surroundings, but you won’t hear me complaining about it.

On the other hand, I’m not too wild about Kasumi’s school girl outfit. I like a good school girl outfit as much as anyone, but DOA fans see this costume a lot. It’s played out. They really need to retire it for a while, put it in the Disney vaults or something. I’m sure the Kasumi/school girl fans would be outraged though, so who am I to deny their pleasure?
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Untold Legends
PS3 test units have made their way to various editorial offices. You’ve probably read most of the impressions out there. I haven’t spent a bunch of time with one, but I did notice how much heat the thing emits. It’s a lot of hot air blowing out of there. One of the games I’ve been going back and forth on is Untold Legends. One on hand, I love Diablo-style games and I enjoyed the first two games (Champions of Norrath) in the series.
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On the other hand, I loath the “Legends” art direction the series has adopted. This PS3 installment is less stylized than the PSP versions, which is encouraging. I’ve seen videos where you’re obtaining new armor and seeing it immediately on the characters. Up close, they look quite nice. I’ll figure out if I still want it by the time I get a PS3.

Killer 7
I finally got around to beating Killer 7 for the GameCube the night before I brought home Gears of War. I’ll talk about Gears in a later post. There aren’t really many costume variations, this one just has a graphic look I really like. My favorite is Kaede who wears a simple white dress with no shoes and highly disturbing blood stains on her stomach. Such a simple yet bold outfit.
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The same development house, Grasshopper, made a game based off the Blood anime/manga. It’s doubtful to see a US release, but there is a new game called Heroes for the Wii that has a chance to see the light of day here. It also involves assassins and some sort of light sabers.
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