Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bullet Chanbara update

Yet another costume screen has been uncovered for Onechanbara vorteX, this time a cheerleader outfit. Or should I say, cheerleader top as the skirt seems to be missing.

The fate of domestic release for vorteX still remains slim, which sucks since the chances of me buying a Japanese 360 are virtually nil.

In brighter news, the US developer’s blog for Bullet Witch revealed some pretty interesting info. The game is indeed receiving a healthy does of game play improvements. The important bit for costume fans is that five additional outfits along with some revamped levels will be made available for download for free. It sounds like they will be spread out similar to the Japanese schedule, but more info on that is promised in future updates.


Jigsaw said...

Very cool to hear about the seemingly quite major upgrades being done for Bullet Witch's US release. It's pretty impressive how they'd go out of their way to do something like that, especially for something that's really quite a low-profile game.

Oh, and as for Oneechanbara, don't give up hope! Some games are cross-compatible between Japanese and US machines, especially Asian versions (which also tend to be much cheaper). I'd recommend keeping your eyes peeled on Play-Asia's regional compatibility list for any updates.

maya said...

I read over at that because of Oneechanbara's cult status in Europe as Zombie Zone that the folks in charge are seriously thinking of a port for us Yank wannabe zombie killers.

Sounds good to me! And as Jigsaw said if they don't port it hopefully it will be region-free.

I guess I'll just keep my fingers crossed for a port.

onan said...

This is a D3 Publisher game, isn't it? They're already going to bring over that Earth Defense Force game, I hear, and they're trying to break into the North American market by publishing Dark Sector, so it seems like releasing this here would be a no brainer, especially since they're not going to get many sales off of it from Japanese consumers. Release it as the first genuine budget title here for 360, what is the worst that could happen? All they really have to do is change a few menu buttons and throw in a few subtitles (and I bet there wouldn't be a need for a whole lot of those, given what I've seen of the game). It would be pure laziness for them not to do it.

Wataru Maruyama said...

It does seem a healthy amount of folks want to see a US release of vortex, but maybe that's just us super vocal minority? I hope not.