Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas costumes

I had this elaborate idea to try to find every instance where you can unlock a Santa outfit. Mulled it over for a good 10 seconds before I realized there is no way I have time for such antics. It’s three days till Christmas and I still have a bunch of work to finish.

Still, here are a few pics to tide you over for the holidays. We start up top with the obligatory Kasumi Santa outfit from Dead or Alive Ultimate.

Next up is the Christmas themed bonus disc to the wonderful Sega game Nights.
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Last, but not least is our good buddy Sonic. I never thought he would be included in Costume Get! since he usually doesn’t wear anything except for red shoes and gloves. Congrats Sonic.
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onan said...

Well, I haven't played it, but I'm assuming theres one in The Nightmare Before Christmas game, and they just released a Christmas bonus outfit for Sexy Beach 3.

Other than that, I'm tapped out. Seems like there should be more, doesn't it?

Ross said...

Interesting, I also posted Kasumi in the Christmas outfit... nice site too, I'll be dropping in often.

onan said...

Found another one!

With the latest DLC for Saints Row, you can dress your avatar thug in Santa Claus gear.

This is kind of fun, like a scavenger hunt.

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