Friday, December 21, 2007

Xmas GET

I finally took a decent shot of Mass Effect, but it’s not of the armor I’ve been talking about. Those lucky enough to have purchased the Limited Collector’s Edition were treated to a fairly nice bonus disc containing soundtrack selections, gamer pics/themes, and making of docs. The star attraction for me is the illustration galleries because they include COMMENTARY! The artist involved talks about each illustration and the process surrounding it. Some extremely interesting chatter about how they developed the costumes and overall aesthetics of the game.

The first free costume pack for Folklore is available now on the PSN store and features a Christmas theme. One other pack for each character was released previously costing $3.99 for one or $5.99 if you get both at the same time. I think in the Japanese store, there are two more mission packs already out. Each pack has one new costume and several added missions. I still want to get Folklore eventually so it’s nice to see it getting continual support.

For those like me following the new Kingdom Under Fire game, the elf apparently has at least four outfits. These were on a KUF board in Korean so don’t know who to credit.

I’ve been playing a lot of Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles the last two nights. It’s definitely a flawed shooter, but incredibly addicting if you try for “S” or even “A” rankings in each stage. As I guessed, there are no costumes to unlock. Another Wii shooter that does feature costume unlocking is Ghost Squad. I’ll have to look into that one later. It’s fairly cheap so perhaps there’s a chance I’ll get it as a stocking stuffer.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Closer look at SCIV details

Some new Soul Calibur IV shots have surfaced on several online sites. It’s impressive how each of the items draped across/holding together the outfits appear to be separate objects. Impressive because there are numerous and extremely detailed.

In the last SCIV trailer, there was a cut scene where Hilde was speaking and I wasn’t sure it was the same character model you play as. A slight-of-hand technique in older titles was to boost up the in-game character models only in cut scenes. The shot above hopefully means it’s high quality models all the time.

I’m also loving the cloak draped over the wolf shoulder armor. I didn’t look closely at the trailers to see if it flows convincingly on top of it.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We Love Golf/Costumes

Updates have been waaay behind mainly due to me replacing sleep with playing Mass Effect. Tried taking some digi pics of the armor, but the quality is super crappy. I’ll try one of my older cameras and see what happens.

Capcom’s upcoming We Love Golf has captured my attention. Similar to Tecmo’s recent Wii golf games, you’ll be able to unlock famous character outfits for your player. The big difference tipping the odds in Capcom’s favor is that the game is developed by Camelot, developers of the original Hot Shots Golf and the later Mario Golf titles.

These initial shots already cover a variety of genres and styles so here’s hoping that the costume count is fairly sizable. I assumed there wouldn’t be a great stand alone golf game for the Wii until Nintendo made one, but We Love Golf is looking pretty sweet to me.

I haven't read anything that would prompt me to look into Soul Calibur Legends as far as alternate outfits or gameplay is concerned. The official site did update their wallpaper section.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bandages are sexy?

New scans from Famitsu reveals Ada’s bandaged look for Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles. The game came out this week so more news should be out shortly. I’m definitely picking up a Wii Zapper so this is on my short list of titles I’m interested in, but $50 is pretty steep.

In addition to the snow suits shown previously, this is an exciting trend of variant/new outfits for familiar characters. I’m not a fan of bandages as a fashion statement though.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Holiday Costume Outlook

Guitar Hero III - I picked this up the other day and hope to have some costume pics next week. Once again there is at least one alternate outfit, but there are a whole bunch more color and style variations. Hopefully there are more than what I’ve seen already.

Virtua Fighter 5 Xbox 360 – I haven’t had time to pick this up, but I’m both excited and a bit intimidated by its promise of 75% more items to buy/unlock over the PS3 version.

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles – RE games almost always have extra costumes although I’m not sure how useful it will be since you don’t see your character that much. These snow outfits are new. Most likely they are just tied to a new level and not something that is unlocked. We’ll see.

Folklore – Aside from VF5, this probably has the most costume potential. It’s been out for a few weeks and I’ve been waiting to see if there is some holiday sale before committing.

Soul Calibur Legends – None of the footage or screens I’ve seen so far reveal extra outfits. This is going to greatly depend on impulses at the store that week.

Rock Band – I don’t know if there are featured characters like in GH so that will determine whether outfits are involved. At this point I’m only planning on buying the game (that is if the GH controller still works with it) and picking up drums whenever they become available (I already have mics).

Friday, October 12, 2007

Fashion May Cry

I haven’t been interested in the Devil May Cry series since the first game, but the 4th installment is looking pretty kick ass. All that goodwill nearly went down the toilet when I caught sight of this ridiculous looking mask, gauntlets, and boots combo above. I mean really, they’re flat out embarrassing.

I say “nearly went down the toilet ” because the look of something is only half the story in a game. Check out how the gauntlets are literally exploding with destructive force and the boots whir like crazed spurs from hell. They look like they’ll be an utter blast to use and see in action. How they look standing still is another matter, but how often do you do that in a DMC game?

Another interesting development is the evolution of Lady. She had this spunky, schoolgirl-theme outfit complete with ammo backpack and skirt. My favorite part about her original look is actually her hair. Lucky for me then that it’s somewhat still the same for her DMC4 look, but now she’s featuring more of a business travel assassin vibe.

I’m not sure how I feel about this new pseudo-suit. We’ll have to see if they explain how she got to this stage in her fashion life and if it works into her play mechanics.

Friday, October 05, 2007

All in the presentation

As much as I love the look of Valkyrie of the Battlefield, there was something about Alicia’s outfit that bothered me. It wasn’t until I saw a cosplay version that it hit me…the armor bits!

Viewed within the confined visual style of the game, you almost don’t even register it as hard armor. Seeing it in the harsh light of reality makes it readily apparent this outfit does not work well outside its context.

It’s still a minor gripe and easy to overlook since it blends in well with the period artwork. If you have access to the Japanese PSN store, you absolutely must download the HD trailer for this game.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Hilde evolution or alternate costume? (UPDATED!)

Hilde seems to have gotten a major detail upgrade in the new Soul Calibur IV trailer unveiled at Tokyo Game Show 2007 (available on US Xbox Live and Japan PSN store as well as everywhere on the net). At least that’s the way it seems when you compare her look now to her first appearance in the 2nd teaser trailer.

Here’s some screen grabs from that 2nd trailer. Her under garment is flat black and there is nothing hanging off her armor.

In the latest trailer, she clearly has tassles, belts, undercoat with tails, and even a mini cloak thing on her shoulder. I’m really hoping the early outfit was just the test run for this new version. It would be a shame for her second outfit to be a plainer alternate of her main costume.

UPDATE: Hi-res Hilde art below!

No More Heroes…
…is officially coming to America! Yay! These super short clips are pretty cool.

Virtua Fighter 5 Xbox 360
There is a new wallpaper section with online Xbox Live branding.

For 2D sprite fans

SNK is finally releasing King of Fighters XI and Neo Geo Battle Coliseum in the US! The best news is that Amazon has them listed for $14.99 a piece (EB wants $19.99). You can even qualify for free shipping if you buy both even though they come out on different days! I’ve had my eyes on the imports for a long time, but I don’t have the space to keep a Japanese PS2 hooked up. NGBC has gotten decent reviews and it features a very wide variety of SNK characters. Aside from KOF 98, the consensus is that KOF XI is one of the best in the series.

Couple these releases with the news that came out today about other SNK games being prepped for these shores and you’re 2D sprite fix is taken care of for a long while. The funny thing is I just recently sold off my Neo Geo home cart system, and now I can totally re-buy the titles I want for a fraction of the price.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Fully clothed Soul Calibur IV female appears!

The mystery of the armored warrior seen previously has been resolved, sort of. New scans show off newcomer Hilde and she is covered from head to toe unlike the other ladies of SCIV. She’s not out of the overexposure woods yet though. There’s still the matter of the 2P costume. Hopefully we can have at least one modest female in the game.

Also shown are Raphael and Astaroth. Scans courtesy of Majoria’s News.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Metroid update coming

The fact that the suit Samus wears gets upgraded through the course of the game shouldn’t come as a surprise to fans familiar with Metroid, but I didn’t want to start posting the various versions of what it looks like until a few weeks post release.

It’s not that they are shockingly different than her standard suit, but I know I got a big kick out of the visual tweaks so don’t want to ruin that first impression for anyone else out there.

You have two more weeks till minor spoilers are posted!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Coming to US shores?

Ever since I saw this teaser art page for Valkyrie of the Battlefield, I was hooked. It has that Studio Ghibli look, but also its own thing going on.

Scans from Famitsu look very cool and I’m hoping this is that unique title that can help the PS3 stand out more in the US.

Having recently returned to playing Odin Sphere, I was super psyched to see that Vanillaware’s next game, Oboro Muramasa Youtouden, would be in the Wii and maintain their trademark 2D style.

Of the two Youtouden has a better chance of making it here due to the popularity of the Wii.

A few more shots of Coul Calibur IV hit the net this week. This one in particular looked quite comic. Ivy must have a bionic spine not to break her back from this move.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

War of the Grail

I vaguely remember seeing this mentioned at Japanese arcade shows, but it quickly blew off the radar.

Found these promotional scans and liked the character designs. The few videos that can be found online are disappointing in that they reveal a Dynasty Warriors-style rip-off. Not a great looking one at that either.

At least you can still enjoy the artwork.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The art of Rapture

Like the majority of my friends list, I’m playing BioShock. Of course there’s not much in the way of costumes, but the overall aesthetics are simply incredible. I like how everything is rooted in that old timey look, but also incorporate the natural evolvement of a society that has been separated from outside influence.

While I’m excited to finish the game to see what happens, I’m also amped to finally be able to look through the art book. There are warnings that it is spoiler filled. In case you had somehow missed the news, you can download the book for free off of the official site.

Soul Calibur bonus
I randomly stumbled across this create-a-character art from Soul Calibur III that I can’t recall ever seeing in this larger format. So here it is in case you missed it too.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

No More Heroes

Despite its many flaws, I loved the hell out of Killer 7. Everything I’ve seen for No More Heroes is pushing the same style buttons for me as well.

The official site doesn’t have a ton of info, but it does have some snazzy character art and a handful of screens. No US release date yet, but it can’t be that far off. Can it?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hot Shots Golf = Color Swaps (UPDATED!)

Costume screens of Hot Shots Golf PS3 are starting to appear on Japanese forums. The bad news is that it looks like there is only one main outfit with multiple palette swaps. Some of the color options have designs making things a tad more interesting, but it’s still very disappointing.

RRXX DLC costume viewer (UPDATE: Link to site now added!)
Konami’s Rumble Roses XX costume updates descriptions have been cryptic to say the least. It was hard to know what you were getting until you or someone else bought it and posted a photo. Now you can see exactly what the new DLC will look like! You can only see the fashion results on Reiko though. Very cool!

(UPDATE: New item) Soul Calibur IV boobarama continues
This is getting embarrassing. Scans from Famitsu have hit the web (I grabbed this one off NeoGaf, but they are appearing on many other forums) that show off Sophitia and Casandra. They are, um...bursting. I'm also disappointed to see very minor changes to their outfits that don't involve making them more see-through or skimpier.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Next GET

I’m ready to jump back into a good game after a brief hiatus after beating Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Eventually Sigma will get played some more on the harder difficulties and the Mission modes, but getting new hairstyles is not motivating me as much as new outfits do.

After finishing the last Potter book, Grim Grimoire is looking like the most appealing choice currently on my shelf. There’s a heavy time commitment involved here, but that’s true for the other two options being mulled over. Like Odin Sphere, I love the character and sprite designs.

Speaking of Odin Sphere, I left off after finishing the first two characters. There isn’t an urgency to go back since there is a neat story recap feature that will let me return at my leisure.

Persona 3 comes out in two weeks and has been getting a good deal of buzz. I’ve always admired the art style and played one of the earlier titles on the PlayStation. The fact that I don’t play many RPGs has limited the overall appeal of the series for me, but this latest one has enough hooks that it might suck me in.

Still, if I was going to dive into a RPG, I really should start playing FF XII. Then again, Bioshock also comes out towards the end of the month and that will demand immediate attention.

None of the above mentioned games have much in the way of obtainable costumes (that I know of), but all have their own unique aesthetic point-of-view that helps them stand out.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

GET! is 9th Most Popular, Rachel Hairstyles

Rachel has no extra costumes in Ninja Gaiden Sigma, but she does sport at least five visually confirmed hairstyles. They are standard blonde, short cut (blonde), long flowing (blonde), assassin cut (blonde), standard brunette. Message board posts claim up to 11 total styles, but the above are ones I’ve seen pics or videos of so that’s what I’m going with. Check out this users YouTube collection for the above styles in motion.

There’s a trailer on the Virtua Fighter official site for items in the new Version C in arcades. These interesting costumes and accessories should all make it to the upcoming Xbox 360 version. You can download the video here or watch it here.

Readers GET!
Costume GET! is the ninth most popular game blog today. And that's before I uploaded this post. Sweet!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

VF5 360 costume boost + RRXX extras

I’m just going to quote this article found here. “The 360 version (of VF5) will sport 75% more costumes to dress up your players with. To make it easier to collect all of these items, more money is given to you right off the bat in quest mode and it has been made slightly easier to obtain gold in the game.”

75% more AND online versus play? Too cool beyond words. Also sounds like more could be coming via DLC.

Second set of Rumble Roses XX DLC
The descriptions on the most recent set of downloadable outfits were very vague, but thankfully GEL posted this screen below. At first glance they appear to only be additional colors, but they also have different logos and textures. It’s ok I guess. Up to this point, I bought 6 costumes from the first wave and 2 from this one. That’s $8 extra you got from me Konami, now get to working on a new RR game!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Folklore and Guild Wars again

Developed by the same folks behind Genji, Folksoul aka Folklore here in the states has some nifty outfits. Based on the demo available on the Japanese PSN store, Folklore plays way better than Genji and has a much better story.

The various costumes for Elen have been revealed and I really like them, especially the insect/fairy/witch motifs. I’m still not sure if I would buy the full game at launch, but it certainly has my attention.

I keep walking by the special Guild Wars box and just love how it looks. The image below is basically the same as the box and it rocks. The armor is all kinds of awesome and makes me want to play the game.