Monday, January 22, 2007

Would it work in a game?

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I came across these images from the upcoming Resident Evil movie and like what I see…to a certain degree. The outfit is fairly original, layered yet still provocative. Even so, I’m certainly not going to hope this makes it into the next RE game. The amount of loose cloth would pose a big problem even with collision detection being much better these days.

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You might suggest a solution would be to lose the jacket, but the overall look is far weaker that way. Its deficiencies are especially apparent when viewing it from the rear, which is the view you would most see in a RE game.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma = Brand New Textures
In a recent interview from 1up, the game’s director Yosuke Hayashi confirmed that they are re-doing all the textures in the game to take full advantage of the PS3 hardware. He also mentions that the game will run at 720p and that it’s is the best option for PS3 developers. You can bet all those hours creating hi-res textures won’t be just for Sigma. A good amount will probably be shared with the eventual Ninja Gaiden 2 for 360.
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The only disappointing news is that a rumored March release is impossible. They are currently at 35%, so I’m guessing Aug/Sep at the very earliest. Probably October/November. With all the additions being put into the game, the wait seems like it may be worth it.

Bullet Witch Update
It’s hard to believe the US release date is only about a month away now. The Japanese staff blog has been quiet recently, although this fairy-like outfit seems to be moving forward.
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The US developer blog has picked up the updating slack and posted some nice, large schoolgirl costume pics.
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KOF 360?
I was hoping there would have been more news about King of Fighters for the Xbox 360 by now. As you may recall, I thoroughly enjoyed KOF 2006 for the PS2 and thought it finally legitimized SNK’s move into 3D. The game was priced affordably when it came out, so don’t be afraid to go for it now if you missed out initially. A very nice costume selection for a massive cast of characters means weeks of unlocking and discovery. Although a good amount are plain old color swaps, plenty of others offered up some rather original looks.
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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Link Costumes

I’m about 15 hours into Twilight Princess and I’m finding there are quite a number of costume related items to talk about. I’ll hold off on that in the interest of waiting till more people (like myself) are finished with the game. To talk about some would be spoilers for those who like to be surprised by even the most seemingly mundane details.

Game-wise, I’m loving it and wish I could just take a week off to concentrate on it. Last night was the first evening since starting the game that I couldn’t squeeze in even an hour. Oh well.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Costume Get Office

Have you ever seen the ESPN commercials where athletes roam the offices just like regular employees? The photo above is exactly how I imagine a Costume Get office would be like. Keep in mind these would not be employees dressed up as characters, but the actual characters. Yeah, it's kinda freaky.

Jan – Feb 2007
The most noteworthy titles looming on the costume horizon are Lost Planet, Virtua Fighter 5, and Bullet Witch. Out of those, the potential is greatest for VF 5 with it’s amazing amount of customization. I’ve already expressed disappointment at the costume designs for Lost Planet, but the visuals are still looking nice. Maybe it won’t bother me as much once I’m playing it. The latest news on Bullet Witch is that the schoolgirl costume will be the first downloadable outfit for the US, available the day the game is out in stores.