Friday, February 23, 2007

Passing on these books

I may have bought three sets of DOAX 2 playing cards, but I have to draw the line at these two different 10th Anniversary photo books. One focuses purely on Kasumi and the other gals are crammed into the “Side B” book.

Each book features photos and art from the DOA fighting games, but the majority come from DOAX 2. They also both come with a poster. At a price of 1,575 yen each ($13 before overseas shipping and import dealer mark-ups), they aren’t very pricey.

Still, picking up DOAX 2 Best Shots or Team Ninja Freaks book are more comprehensive collections of these teaser size 10th Anniversary tomes.

I’ve been lusting over the Japanese version of the Okami Complete Works book ever since I beat the game, but the high price and trouble of importing cooled my jets. Imagine the joy when I found out Udon comics was bringing it out over here fully translated. They did a fantastic job with the Street Fighter Eternal Challenge book, so I’m looking forward to this one.


Athrun said...

The Okami artbook is pure love.

Good blog :D

shadowreaper34 said...

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